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  1. I'd go with the Datejust 2. Either the black with indices or the silver dial with the blue numbers. Only because it seems the date is an important feature to you, and I can understand... But if you want something special, that has a Rolex history and it's only "special" movement, I'd go with a 214270. Rolex Explorer I have it's older, smaller brother, the 114270. (borrowed picture)
  2. Thank you Yeah, the tone and stitch work well with the Ranger, I agree
  3. I think it's just off by a hair, I wish I never noticed it. Just knowing it keeps bothering you. On the other hand I dont feel like sending it in to Rolex for them to open it up and break the factory fresh seal, I still even have to remove most of the stickers. I bought it from a grey dealer because AD's can't get BLNR's right now, there seems to be a waiting list of about 6-7 months.
  4. Tried one a few weeks ago, the quality is very high, the face has a lot of depth to it and the size is very useable too. It's not cheap though, £4200 here in the UK on rubber (tang, not deployment). I'm probably going to go for a PO instead, as for that money it just felt a little more special. And dirty crop through mirror for size (my wrist is 7.75")
  5. Ace is listed as an AD so you should be alright. there are many other ADs listed at iwc.con under retailers so call around to see the best deal you can get. There is also an AD in Schipol duty free but I doubt they would be willing to offer a significant discount. The heathrow terminal 3 and 5 duty free AD shop refuses to discount. best of luck, let us know how you did. Ray
  6. Interesting -well spotted!! Shame about the size as 34mm is indeed pretty small. Bidding is over £1250 now!
  7. The OEM straps of IWC are extremely expensive IMO. The actual straps of IWC are made at Santoni (https://www.acejewelers.com/nl/blog/...-by-santoni/); therefore these high prices. I personally would advise Rios1931. You can order via: Rios1931, leather watch band, watch band, watch strap, alligator leather band, alligator leather. High quality straps.
  8. Status of the brand and exchange rates will now be a factor. Overhead plays a major part.
  9. Thanks, I do wear my watch every day, so glad to know that this is normal.
  10. Not great. It depends on how bad you want one. The Speedmaster Professional (with sapphire if you like) would be a better value proposition. But if you really love the flieger aesthetic it may be worth paying for...
  11. I was told Nov/Dec for them to land in the US.
  12. +1 It is a BIG watch - and this is coming from someone who owns and enjoys the 47mm PAM 372. I'd love a BP but it just feels too big on my wrist.
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