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  1. Tell me I'm crazy... I'm thinking about trading away my Submariner for a Pelagos. Not sure why I'm drawn to the Pelagos, but I am. I think I like the subtlety of the Tudor over the Rolex, though I know it's not as strong of an investment as the 16610. Am I crazy?... Give me some arguments both ways, please... :)
  2. They have BOTH blue and green lume as Rolex kind of uses up old stock as they transition models. Mine is green. BLNR is a great style for sure and each has their own proponents. The blue on the BLNR is striking and definitely adds a splash of color. I chose the LN because it doesn't have any color, can go with a suit (bathing or tie) and has a complication. I am just afraid I'll grow tired of the blue in 10 years and find it a bit trendy. I don't scuba dive but do take mine snorkeling. So, it's a sub with an extra complication that IMHO makes the dial more interesting and the PCL's which add a bit of bling.
  3. That's ok. Everyone is free to open a new one or to post here.
  4. Hi all, long time reader, first time poster its a fantastic forum and I was hoping someone might have some though on a slightly involved DJ question (apologies if this has been asked before I couldnt find anything using search). Im in my mid twenties and am getting to the point in my life where I can feel like I can justify my first serious watch purchase. Im looking for something thats classic, goes with everything, and will last for a couple of decades or more and to me, thats a Datejust, specifically one in stainless steel with a Jubilee bracelet, acrylic crystal, light coloured dial and baton markers. Im not too keen on the newer models, so Ive narrowed it down to a 1601 or a 16014 the question is, what are the pros and cons or each? I know theyre very similar, but do you think its worth paying extra (say, $5-600) for the 16014? You get the newer 3035 which is closer to the current Rolex movements would that make it more reliable/more easy to service further on down the line? You also get the quickset which would be nice to have, but that not really that much of a dealbreaker if the 1601 is going to be just as reliable. Obviously, the 16014 would be newer so thats why they often command a higher price than a 1601 from the sixties, but if they were of equivalent ages (say, both late seventies) is there any real difference? Id be really interested to hear from anyone thats owned either (or both!).
  5. Thought this was beautiful
  6. I bought a sub because i love it, not because other people wear them or not. If people do not buy a sub because it's too common and want something no one's wearing. They're more affected by what other people think of what they're wearing and that makes them a lot more common than submariners, imo.
  7. I would highly recommend SDwatches....Tony Geha. He is a pleasure to deal with and with tons of references as well. I have dealt with him many times. Here is his email if you need it. He is on many forums as well. sdwatches@gmail.com
  8. Oh boy, now I can't wait to get home and look at my BLNR and sub. lol I never even thought to check such a thing.
  9. I've got the same problem with my wife's watch, hope yours is resolved :)
  10. Picking it up tomorrow, supposedly it was an issue with the rotor being loose. Crossing my fingers they did a good job with it, will update tomorrow.
  11. You could try asking the IWC concierge: http://www.iwc.com/en/concierge/email-me/
  12. Ydn2H3

    Buying a Mark XVII

    I think the old ones were 39mm, but I'd prefer to buy new unless the 41mm is impractically large. Part of the experience of buying a watch is that it is my watch, not one belonging to someone else who no longer wanted it. I'm willing to pay the price difference for it (and we pay through the nose for luxury goods over here)
  13. Ydn2H3

    IWC in San Francisco?

    You might be right.. They are just not located near me, which is why I asked if anybody knows a IWC AD near San Francisco..
  14. very much looking forward to some photos! i also have a 6 1/4 inch wrist, though my wrist is more flat than rounded.
  15. Hello, thank you for your great help identifying a possible replica yesterday. We have acquired another vintage IWC from our grandfather. This watch comes in 750k massive gold. There is a fish engraved on the crown. We wont remove the back cover. We do not know the movement at the moment. They bought it in Davos / Switzerland at LE PANACHE Uhren 7270 Davos Platz. Timeframe should be in the 70s / 80s. Our Grandfather purchased it for 10.000 Deutsche Mark / 5.000 Euro. If you could please help us again shortly with a name, possible age, value, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your help. King regards, smkkkk
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