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  1. I suppose that with a serial number on file with rolex-perhaps hackers can obtain information they should not have. but really-if hackers wanted serial number info from rolex-wouldn't it be easier to just hack rolex and get the whole bundle? I still don't know what can be done with a serial # since the serial numbers are known entities and do exist. though i'm not suggesting anybody give up personal info to any website w/o proper vetting or reason.
  2. Post edited to remove approximate value request.
  3. I am from Germany. Please explain to me the term "OCD" in simple words, thank you.
  4. ABC Watchwerks in LA. Excellent work, great guys!
  5. I have had this watch for just over a month. The only problem I face is changing the bracelet/ strap. Its cumbersome. Time keeping is perfect, and the size, weight, aesthetics etc are fantastic. great value for money. great watch.
  6. ditto as above.. be sure to not just wind it but wear it, and try different nighttime positional variations.. break in is no myth, the mm300 has a base GS movement and it took weeks to slow mine down (seiko sends them out unregulated). good luck!
  7. Thanks for the review it was more than great. I wasn't reading for the first time... I hope the watch gets the GPHG prize too.
  8. I think you should honestly do what pleases you. What makes you feel like its a good deal. Wether or not any of us think its a good or bad deal you would be the one ultimately to live with the choice. Ok its not that dramatic. But IMO no.
  9. Not trying to burst your bubble but explorer and gmt master are quite often replicated. Around here, gmt master is more popular especially among new rolex buyer because they see the PCL and next gmt function as a added bonus vs 200m additonal depth rating on a standard sub. I never been bother by the popularity or lack there of, as long as i enjoy the watch I will buy. Anyway, i started out with a sub date then a sub ND and milgauss. Next up? stell Daytona in white dial or IWC Big Pilot.
  10. Assuming the bracelet came from a Mark XVI, doubt it would fit the 3717 or 3251. Even if they both have 20mm lugs (pretty sure the 3717 has 21mm lugs), I'm fairly certain the cases are a bit thicker in the chrono and UTC models. So the end links wouldn't fit right. I seem to recall my old Spitfire UTC was about 12.5mm thick. Of course I could be mistaken, but you should check with IWC. Depending on the thickness of the end links, I believe your bracelet will work either on a Mark XVI (classic or spitfire) or the UTC (classic or spitfire), but not both.
  11. Very cool! I assume it's fairly easy to get custom velcro straps done provided one has the end pieces. Do you have any more pictures? I'm always amazed at just how thin that watch really is...
  12. Welcome back Dixan, you have been missed around here (several recent threads mentioned you, if you haven't noticed) Great looking strap from Peter as always. Look forward to see your better photos.
  13. I diasagree with this asessment. If you are willing to go preowned, you could find Zenith El Primero, Omega Speedmaster Proefessional, Tag 1887 which are all sporty wears with manufacture movements for around 3k. Damasko has the DK 100/101 ( finding one preowned could take time though). There's deifinitely nothing wrong with the Mark Flieger, but I certainly don't think you have to opt for ETA In this price range unless you want to...
  14. Right, that's it. Thanks.
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