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  1. Not a fan of gold but it looks awesome! Have to blow my bank account if I were to get that, so I guess I'll just stick with my DSSD.
  2. Congratulations on your Submariner acquisition! Pictures, please! Mine says "Hi" back. I, too, never could understand the Rolex hype, and used to think it was just all about Marketing. To a fair extent, yes, but Rolex does make fantastic watches. I agree that Rolex's are not common - at least not where I live! It is true that those who do not know much about Watches AND are well-off financially tend to buy Rolex's. However, those who DO know about Watches also do buy Rolex's.
  3. Congratulations on a great choice. It is the quintessential under-the-radar, go anywhere, do anything watch. I love mine--even more on a simple leather strap actually.
  4. Just some highlights from our upcoming review of the new Pelagos. See our Pelagos video here.
  5. i really like the grey version, could you post some wrist shots please
  6. yes, it's fine. The bezel on the ceramics float on spring loaded ball-bearing with a spring pin click stop.
  7. Congratulations it's a lovely watch. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos!
  8. I have an Explorer, but the 36mm version. I wear this one most of the time. It wears light but does not look small. I also have the SubC and really enjoy it. And it wears very differently than the polite Explorer, yet it has the same size face when you exclude the bezel. I find this is a great combination.
  9. Hi to all. I love both of these watches and with the introduction (and higher prices and 3-date window) of the Mark XVI and 3777 Pilot's Chrono update, I'm thinking maybe I should I act and join the IWC watch owners association! I really like flieger watches and the Mark XVI is a great example of a classic, moderately sized watch. My wrists are 6.75" so 39mm is a good fit for an old fart, 56 year old. Then I discovered the 3717 Pilot's Chrono. Despite the current thread about the fellow who's having problems with the stopwatch function on his watch, I know this is a much appreciated IWC model. I like the day function, in addition to the date, but suspect I would use the chronograph/stopwatch only rarely (my 100 yard dash times have increased with age). For those who know and like both, which do you prefer and why? Thanks! John
  10. Can anyone explain this? 3714 is £5.9k and the 3777 is £4.6k both have Valjoux 7750, albeit maybe the 3714 is slightly more modified with the small seconds at 6 and no date but over a grand difference?
  11. thMer2

    IWC Pilot Mark XII

    Im considering adding the following to my collection and I was wondering whether the hands should be of a darker tint to match the dial or what would be the reason for them to be lighter (both pics are of the same watch)? Should I be worried that the hands are service replacements?
  12. thMer2

    First IWC

    Here is my first IWC, arrived today just in time for my bday.
  13. thMer2

    Is this a fake?

    The join date and low post count really makes it suspicious. I believe the watch in OP's post is actually trying to copy the Saint Exupery edition of Big Pilot, which looks like this: The location of the date window and the location of the sub-dial gave it away.
  14. thMer2

    IWC Custom Straps

    i bought once from Analog straps. the quality of the strap is awesome imo and he is a very nice gent & very helpful
  15. I have a Breitling Blackbird (amongst others) which is not a million miles off the chronomat and I always feel more special wearing my IWC (3701).
  16. Moky, Jacob in Spain is your guy. See my photos in this tread. The Plastiki and Mission Earth use the same strap. Contact Jacob. What 'OEM' strap options are available for the Ingy 3239?
  17. thMer2

    First IWC

    Make sure you actually put each watch on your wrist before buying. Sounds like odd advice but some don't do this.
  18. Thanks guys. Gutting for him. I've let him know and he is following up. It was a big name NYC based watch shop. Though no point naming it until it's clear what has happened and where along the chain it happened. Someone purchased it for him whilst traveling back to London. Appreciate all the help guys. Cam
  19. Thanks for sharing! Really generous of IWC to have this free on-line. Sensational.
  20. What a great idea for an international forum. I love it Pm on the way
  21. Ahhh man!!! you killing me here Dash. That blue sekonda.
  22. This is my original Kirovskie from 1939 World War II in very good perfect conditions. It only gains around 20 seconds per day (average around +/- 1 to 3 minutes). I found it in Kharkiv (Ukraine). Here some photos.
  23. Another possibility: since the lume on the hour bars and bezel triangle appears pretty old, not the typical current refurbish, and the hands are not real bright maybe when this "new" dial was introduced white lume was continued for a while before switching to teal. Does the lume currently work as new or old? That is a very clean old steel wheel movement.
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