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  1. No Date Sub for Me. I don't care for the cyclops.
  2. Keep looking. 10% off a DJII is what a I was seeing in 2012 in Hawaii. I bought my SubC that same year in my home town for about a 3-4% discount. Also, buying from an out of state AD often means no sales tax.
  3. Don't you hate they changed design and name to "Turnographs?
  4. I can't really get in that close, I don't have macro on my camera. I know it is a Black Bay bracelet, I just need to find out how to make sure it was the bracelet made for my Black Bay. I really don't want to go into details it is just something that is haunting me.
  5. I'm thinking about to buy the Top Gun Miramar. Any thoughts on this watch? Your feelings/experiences?
  6. peyorkey

    New to IWC watches

    Congrats! I just ordered one.
  7. Hi, I'm considering either the black croco with folding clasp for my 3777 or a Hirsch croco w white stichings and a Hirsch clasp... Any feedback on the first option? Really expensive solution, but I would really like a folding clasp. The Hirsch setup is half the price... What do you think? Erik
  8. Does anyone know when the IWC Annual Calendar will be released to ADs? I wanted to see in person or images on folks with small wrists. I see that a few grey dealers are advertising as in stock but not sure if that is really the case. I love the design but I am concerned it is going to be too large for my wrist
  9. Tried this one last week before deciding on 3417...As I expected, I didnt like it. Still feels unnecessary large and thick, while trying to be a dressy watch...If they took it down to 39mm, and slim it by 3-4 mm, it would be a killer watch. At least it seems that IWC finally caught up with the smaller watch trend and started to reduce sometime ridiculously sized pieces, so may be next year they finally come to their senses and get it right. Spoken by the guy who used to wear 47mm Panerai without any difficulty, by the way.
  10. If the crown moves as it's winding down, then I would guess it is a problem with the ratchet mechanism on the winding bridge.
  11. Looks stunning! Fantastic work with the restoration, frankly amazed simple white out worked :P
  12. You have some cool looking watches there. Congrats on your newest additions!
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