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  1. Here is a peek-a-boo shot!! (Borrowed pic)
  2. Hi Guys, It's been almost two years since I sold my first Omega to fund my GMT Master II. Everyday since then I have regreted it and have wanted to purchased another as soon as I could afford it. Well, tomorrow Fedex will deliver a package to my door!! I can't wait for the feel of an Omega on my wrist once again! The unvailing will be tomorrow!!!
  3. I've never received a package this early. Fedex came knocking on my door just after 8:00am! Sorry for the cr@ppy blackberry pics. I don't have a fancy camera yet.
  4. cpsomas

    PO Strap Question

    Hi Guys, Thanks for all your help thus far in my pursuit for a rubber strap for my PO. Happy to report I should have a new rubber strap next week! Reading through a couple older forums, some say that it's necessary to install the rubber strap with new spring bars. Can I not use the current spring bars I have on my stainless bracelet? One thread even said the rubber strap requires a longer spring bar. Any advice is always appreciated! Chris
  5. Oh ya. Does anyone also have the length of the standard length band? Thanks again!
  6. Hi Guys, I have been tossing around the idea of buying the Omega rubber strap for my Planet Ocean. I have a friend with the same watch and he bought a knock off rubber strap. It looks good but seems to collect dust like crazy. I was just wondering if it's because it's a cheap rubber or if the real rubber strap attracts dust too. I would hate to drop $500 on the strap and end up hating it because it always looks dirty. If anyone has one they are offering to sell, I may be interested. Let me know. Thanks guys!
  7. It all depends on the strap you are looking for. You can buy the PO rubber strap from an AD in the $150-$175 range with the buckle. That's much cheaper than prices you will find online. I ordered mine last week and should have it in a couple days. If you need AD info, send me a PM. If you are looking for leather, I think the Hirsch Leonardo line looks the best on the PO.
  8. cpsomas

    New PO 42 mm

    It's a beautiful watch. I have gotten more comments on my PO than I ever have with my GMTII. Can't wait for my new rubber strap to arrive next week. I love this thing!
  9. I'm beginning to think this watch is more rare than I thought. Still looking to buy if anyone has one to sell. See my WTB add.
  10. Hi Guys, My new hunt is for an Omega 2503.33 white dial w/ blue hands. I posted a WTB add in the classifieds but hoped you guys can supply me with some of your great pics until I can get my hands on one. If you have one to sell, let me know. Thanks!
  11. Hi Guys, I recently purchased a new 42mm Planet Ocean and would love to put on the Omega curved end rubber strap with white stitching. I called Fr. John's AD (who I purchased my PO from) and he has them in stock but recommended sourcing an aftermarket fold over clasp because his Omega ones cost $230. Has anyone found an after market fold over clasp that will work with this rubber strap? I'll spend the $230 if I have to but thought I might pose this question to you guys first to save a little money. Thanks!
  12. Just heard from my new AD (thanks Fr. John!) that prices will go up 7% beginning March 1st so I picked up a new 42mm PO yesterday before the prices increase.
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