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  1. Sounds like your heart is set on the hulk. Narrow down a source. Best of luck.
  2. Hi, visiting Tokyo next week for a few days. I am interested in Datejust or Submariner. Even watch head without bracelet is OK. I will be staying in Ginza region and will have only one spare day for myself. Any pointers to where to look for the same and what price range am I looking at, at the entry level. I don't have huge budget.
  3. Vuvial

    First Rolex

    In Australia, the Rolex Submariner Date retails for about $10,500.00. The IWC Portuguese Chronograph Automatic (Reference 3714) retails for just under $10,000.00, I believe. Pricing-wise, not a lot in it, both are iconic watches in their own right, both are extremely different watches. The Rolex has an in-house movement, the IWC does not. The IWC does not have a date feature but it does have a Chronograph complication. The Rolex comes with a bracelet, the IWC comes with a leather strap. The IWC wears larger than the Rolex. The list goes on. Try them both on, and buy the one that you LOVE.
  4. I want to pick up some quality spring bars that will fit my SD 4000 and Isofrane (20mm) strap. I don't want to use the ones that came with the bracelet and prefer a separate set for the Isofrane. Not sure what is the correct spring bar size, or where to purchase true quality spring bars. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
  5. Vuvial

    21st Watch

    Congrats on the upcoming birthday and graduation around the corner. Out of that list, for me it would be the Exp II
  6. So I'm seriously considering picking up a Red Grape OP. I love the flair of color it adds and the 39mm size is perfect. Also, I must add, I love watches without a date! I've searched Google and WUS, and I can't seem to find what the lug-to-lug is on this watch? Just curious to see how it will sit on the wrist. Does anyone know it? Thanks, Mike
  7. I'm game....Nato's galore... And for bonus points my Pelagos Rubber Strap on my Explorer II-- Cheers Sent from my iPhone 7
  8. I think you'll find it's actually a five year warranty. But hey, I'm all for optimism.
  9. Kawika, Thanks for the info there. I am slowly getting my head around how it all goes together. With regards to my earlier post on the knock that the watch took I am not disputing that this may have damaged the watch. What I am starting to wonder is how did the non-AD dealer who took the watch back under warranty, open it up and stated that the hairspring was coiled up managed to miss damage to the both the Oscillating Weight and Auto Bridge? Also the damage to the crown sounds like a separate issue they also missed. What I will say is that the service received from Rolex relating to these issues has been fantastic even though the watch is outside of warranty. They appear to have a different opinion on whether the knock would have caused the damage stated above. Stelyos, Thanks for your input. It is highly appreciated!
  10. I believe the blue Pelagos is available now. I went over to one of the Tourneaus in Manhattan and asked if I could see it. The sales representative told me that the watch was "selling like hotcakes" and that they can't hold onto them for too long. If the blue Pelagos is being sold, then we can assume that the black one is being sold as well.
  11. Nice looking watch if you have a large wrist. I'm not generally a fan of this type of co-branding, but at least the somewhat cheesy "Top Gun" is not on the dial.
  12. Looks great, I'm a big fan of that Ingy, congrats!!
  13. has anyone used Jack F recently? How was the service, and how long did it take? thanks.
  14. Hello, a friend of mine asked me to find some info on his watch. It has no typical identification marke but the movement is numbered. The movement number is 1206518. As the pics show, the dial indices are either painted or placed on, looks like a re dial but Im not certain, hence why I'm here!! The case measures approx 36mm and has a lug width of 18mm. The hands are a blue color. Inside the caseback indicates 18k gold and has IWC stamped as well. Any and all info would be great. The owner holds sentimental value with this watch and I would like to give him as much info and estimated value as possible. Thank you for your time, Dana
  15. Might have a bit more luck on this one. See this IWC Electronic Watches wouodnt know the first about these watches though.
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