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  1. No picture is displayed and I can't open the box............... A picture won't be of help unless it includes info on where I might get a bracelet. Oyster or Jubilee either would do.
  2. Happy to help. Here goes; I have gotten another rubber strap from Everest which I did not mention in my previous post. Although I have this set of rubbers from Everest, I have yet to mount it on my SubC. This rubber strap (pictures attached) is the type where you need to use your own clasp buckle from your watch' bracelet unless you buy an additional one. IMO - Our wrists (yours and mine) are similar in girth. Therefore, either the straps from both suppliers will fit you. And, may I add, my wife's wrist is only 5.3" or 135 MM. She wears the Blue SubC on the last hole. Well, it's a bit loose but still looks great.
  3. The DJII, like the 39mm Explorer, doesn't seem quite fully realized. It was like Rolex saw the big watch trend and tried to jump on it without making sure the design worked as well. Aside from that, I think it would wear awkwardly on a woman's wrist (yes, even compared to something like a 14060 or 16710 which would look great in a sporty kind of way), being neither here nor there.
  4. 16710 GMT II or 14060M Submariner for your daughter. Women are wearing larger watches these days. My wife wears a 14060M Sub daily.
  5. After visiting the AD and a few phone calls/arguments with Tudor it was eventually exchanged today. Now another problem...... The bezel doesn't "stick" when twisted and it hits 12 so can be reset blind. I don't know whether to just live with it or send it on its way back to Tudor!?
  6. Explorer I 39mm Verstuurd vanaf mijn HUAWEI MT7-L09 met Tapatalk
  7. Coming from someone who owned a few Panerai and Rolex I'd say no way.
  8. Congratulations! You will not regret it! Mine says "Hi".
  9. Hmmmm. Wonder if eBay asked some troubling questions, and if our culprit decided to sell his genuine Aquatimer with a brand new battery somewhere else. I just hope that nobody bought the damn thing.
  10. Hello guys, Just recently my father inherited this amazing IWC watch, so I am reaching out to the experts here for some information about this watch: I know the image quality is not the best, I will upload some better images shortly. Thank you in advance, Daniel
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