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  1. I assure you, I'd never dream of it. That is my favourite watch by a long stretch. Thanks for the advice and pics, everybody. You've given me a lot to think about.
  2. Hello there. Let me try to explain the situation. I have both a son and a daughter. I want to pass them a nice watch. For the son, I have my mind clear: a Tudor or Rolex submariner (actually hunting for one of these). The question is, what watch can I buy to use it myself AND pass it to my daughter in the future? I would like something with a similar value. For example, I've seen someTudor 'mini-submariners', but I think it wouldn't be fair to pass to my son the 'real' one and to my daughter the 'mini flavour'... Because of that, I thought on an unisex dressy watch... can you advice me, please? Thank you in advance.
  3. interesting my dssd lume last all night..... I think something smells funny here
  4. Hey Gns7, glad we are not alone as above I would have thought it to be just our luck....like yours hers kept good time, the power reserve seemed to be OK, and the only thing I noticed was the spring unraveling sensation, maybe it was a little louder than my Sub but can't say for certain. See my follow up thread about our experience here Wife's Datejust is back from service, just shy of 4 weeks Can't say for sure what it was, but they did a full service on the movement and now the problem appears to be gone, took less than a month also and the watch came back in pretty much the same condition it went in which I am happy about. Good luck with yours!
  5. If people avoid the sub because they think it is too common, it is because they want to be an individual and not follow the crowd; it doesn't necessarily have to do with what other people think. Variety is the spice of life, it would be a boring world if we all wore the same watch. That being said, if someone loves the sub, there is nothing wrong with buying it even though it is very popular. By the way, your last sentence doesn't make sense.
  6. I would say skip the DJ and go with the GMTII (whether Pepsi/Coke or a new BLNR, all are beautiful), and then decide whether the Seamaster GMT stays or goes. That way you don't have to decide until after you get over your honeymoon period with the Rolex. That being said, I'd be surprised if you weren't right in that the Omega GMT would get a lot less wrist time if you added a second GMT (and a Rolex no less).
  7. Buy custom straps. They can be had for around $100
  8. I'm not a Rolex/Tudor expert but I don't believe the bracelets are stamped with a unique serial number like the watch and movement are. Meaning that it is not possible to match a Tudor bracelet to the watch it was originally shipped with.
  9. Have a look at Chrono24 for reference prices, then make an offer on the lower end of that spectrum.
  10. orageeg

    New to IWC watches

    Nice-looking watch. It is pretty big but certainly a nice-looking watch (more casual than dressy, naturally).
  11. orageeg

    My 1st IWC

    Wow. That's a beauty. That's the only IWC I can see myself owning. I'm on the lookout for a 3714 with the rosegold neumerals. Congratulations. Please keep us up to date on your experience with it. I personally like the strap but I'd prefera deployment clasp.
  12. I noticed a couple other issues. Here is the photo of the dial. The 12 o'clock index (the triangle) is ever so slightly shifted too much to the left (about a half millimeter) and the 3 o'clock index is crooked (it is angled downward as it moves toward center). With all these indications I would say that this was a replica, but again, there is the box, booklet, and card with hologram with the matching serial number to the watch. Someone please help! And please, only offer your opinion if you are an expert with this watch. Thank you! Here is the photo of the dial:
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