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  1. I also agree that this seller and this Precision pass the minimum test . As long as he's got the money back guarantee-I would like but may not insist on a movement shot. (I usually do-at least I didn't see one here) Also-I would remind op that however -if your imagining yourself with a vintage rolex oyster bracelet sometime later on it will cost a good deal of money-more then half and maybe even 80% of the cost of this watch. At this level of vintage rolex it is often much more prudent to find a Precision priced at 1200-1300pounds that includes a SS bracelet which I think would not be very difficult to locate. If SS bands are not your thing-then best of luck with whatever you find
  2. I see it as well. It is the bottom right of the cyclops that seems ever so slightly misaligned.
  3. The blue BB seems to take any strap and look good. I'm going to start out with a strap for the red and I think the first one in your pics would look good. I'll take a look at the site. Thanks for posting
  4. Apparently, you purchased a pre-owned timepiece from an internet dealer. This dealer offered a one year warranty. The watch failed (which sometimes happens), you're trying to exercise the warranty and the dealer alleges the failure was due to what appears to be a hard knock on the case and that would not be covered by any warranty. You paid for an adjustment and now the watch is returned in a condition that indicates a degree of sloppiness insofar as there is dirt under the crystal and the mainspring seems not to be holding a charge. None of this is a Rolex issue. Rolex watches need servicing at times and although there are stories here on the forum of a Rolex keeping time for 10+ years without a problem, there are other stories of watches that just fail after a period of time and need work. And none of that counts for wear and tear that sometimes happens during the wearing of a watch. From my point of view, your issues isn't with the company that made the watch, but rather the company that sold you the watch and then serviced it. That picture of a dent may or may not have caused the hairspring/balance failure...if it occurred on your 'watch' then I might side with the diagnosis, but you may go to your grave insisting that the watch should have, by reputation, been able to withstand the knock. I understand your displeasure having purchased for a lot of money a watch with a storied reputation and having this outcome. And I'm not excusing the apparently failures of dirt under the crystal and now a power reserve issue. But a lack of full technical expertise to properly analyze the issue and lay blame is likely to end up as an 'I say...you say' stand off that might only be able to be resolved with a full service from an accredited repair facility that would make the watch conform to specifications with a warranty that is accountable. Absent that, perhaps a request to return the watch for a refund might be your best course of action. Good luck.
  5. Can the seller measure it for you?
  6. hhaa123

    IWC in San Francisco?

    You may have to go to one of those other places.
  7. Try to get 25 at the AD. You can get it cheaper if you travel and get tax back. I'd go for the blue as it's more versatile. The gold is dressy
  8. hhaa123

    Buying a new IWC 3714

    I just got in contact with ACE a week ago. Normally you should talk to Dimer but he just left ACE a while ago, now Tamarah Albek is taking over his job. You can contact her to ask if tax refund is possible in your case. Keep us posted and enjoy the watch-hunt!
  9. hhaa123

    Mark XII or Mark XV

    I would get the XV. 38mm is a good size. In fact, I've always liked the white dial version with the cool blued second hand. I had a Spitfire UTC a few years back which was 39mm. If I were to get another IWC pilot, it would be a Mark XV, black or white dial. 36mm is not always too small, for example the older 36mm Rolex Explorer I think looks better than the current 39mm version, but the bracelet gives it a bit more wrist presence. I think the Mark XII would wear a bit small on your wrist, but this is all subjective personal taste.
  10. It is a genuine IWC. Titanium case and is called sportivo. The strap however is not original. The original is a demospan strap with a titanium deployant, which cost at least 1/3 of the retail of the watch at service. Hope this helps.
  11. I thought all IWC Pilot Watches have contained soft iron case for Anti-Magnetic, haven't they ?
  12. That crown is really an accident waiting to happen.
  13. Really nice watch! hey is that Bernard Sumner in your avatar? using Tapatalk!
  14. Hello and welcome to the forums! I'm sorry, I failed to notice you were new :) I see what you mean about the crystal, but it just looks like it's not properly seated. I don't think the crystal is deformed. This should be easy to fix. Try pressing on that raised area to see if it will pop into place. You can press pretty hard without doing any damage. Or you might try pressing the entire watch between your palms with firm pressure to see if that will snap it back into place. Hopefully that would fix the issue. Otherwise, there are two options. You could remove the bezel (with crystal attached) by inserting a small, thin blade (a pairing knife should be fine) into the tiny slot shown here in your photo: Once you get the knife in, twist slightly and the entire bezel and crystal should pop off. That will allow you a bit more flexibility to get that sucker into place. If you still cannot manage to pop it fully into the bezel, you could press the crystal out (it should come out easily with some pressure from your thumbs) and try sanding down the edges of the crystal lightly. Any fine sandpaper will do. That will decrease the circumference just enough so that the crystal can be snapped easily into place. The other option is the easiest, in my opinion, but requires a piece of equipment: a crystal lift (starting around $10 on eBay -- these cheap ones aren't high-quality, but they'll do the job). This is an easy-to-use tool that will squeeze the crystal ever so slightly, or just enough to get it secured inside the bezel. Once released, the crystal is properly set. Hope that makes sense...and never apologize for questions!
  15. Yeah having the same. Ordered on 13th of june, left russia only 3 days ago... a full month. (and now the dutch post guys are putting down their work... the bastards...)
  16. In the USSR 99% of the male population had served in the Red Army .,Almost every Soviet-era men's watch may be "military"
  17. That's not crazy--that's art! Great job, svorkoetter! I was wondering what you were going to do with the chrono hands, but that works.
  18. Thank you kindly for sharing your comments and insight gents. That is an amazing anecdote Comrade pcso, for me Mr Ellis is like goldust! For as long as he stays around I can spend my money on fantastic watches that need work doing on them knowing that the work will not impact heavily on me financially. This makes a huge difference to me, increasing the range of watches I can buy from the internet substantially and enables me to buy watches not working at cheaper prices . The more we use him, the longer he will stay around... I've got another two I will be sending off to him shortly.
  19. Ah yes, could be. I didn't notice that difference, thanks for pointing that out!
  20. Mens VOSTOK Precision Vintage Russian Chronometer Watch Analogue Zenith Cal 135 | eBay I'm pretty sure "no, it's not legit," but I wouldn't mind the full expert part-by-part rundown since I have no experience with these. So rather than the binary yes/no, might I ask, how close is this? From what I see: a) Caseback is certainly wrong b) Crown probably wrong too c) The hands...on the one hand, the black hands are, I think, wrong - but I think I have seen that hour/minute hand shape (leaf?) on the occasional 2809 model. Might they be OK if stripped back to brass? d) The face - if this is wrong, I can't immediately see where, and the raised numerals are degree of difficulty votes in its favor. Still, it gives me a funny feeling. e) Case...? f) Movement - OK? So...source a caseback (not that that's easy), strip the hands, and you're in business? Or total hodgepodge?
  21. Thanks for all the replies, learnt a lot from that. Just for reference, there's also another Lange 1 from 2005 (39mm) estimated for CHF 8000-12000 Lot | Sotheby's If someone round here ends up buying from the auction, I'd love to hear about your experience.
  22. Thank you for sharing the great watch and excellent photographs. Also, I am also getting worried about this sub forum becoming so inactive. Has 'exclusivity' and limited number production backfired?
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