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  1. I got the explorer 1 because it is a bit more versatile imho. Both are legendary watches though.
  2. Yes its 34mm, but does not look too small. I love that dial too. That colour could be a hit in the larger OP's. The simple baton layout is nicely balanced.
  3. i'm sure davidsw has one for 6k. forget about the "loop" of sending it in for free service...
  4. the re-issue of the milguass gave me an entirely new found appreciation for non-date watches. I immediately pushed the green sapphire Milgss up to the top of my 'next' rlx list. A beautiful statement in simplicity and function
  5. It'll be worth the wait! Mine says hi in the mean time:
  6. TGUIL

    Tudor discount?

    I was able to get a little over a 10% discount from my AD when I bought the new Pelagos blue last week. I will say however that I didn't just walk off the street and ask for it. It took some strong negotiating and knowledge of the local market. (My city has 5+ Rolex ADs and even more Tudor ADs and I've been to all of them.)
  7. TGUIL

    Ingenieur reference help

    Also this one: The IWC Ingenieur - Dial Variations in Vintage Models: Part 1
  8. I've given up finding out and taken the watch off my list of prospective purchases. I love IWC watches but I'm already tired of trying to deal with their dealers lack of information on this one.
  9. One would assume so, if they wanted to sell the watch. But apparently that is not the case since I haven't heard back from any I have asked including a dealer in the classifieds on watchuseek who has one for sale. All he did was parrot back his ad and tell me it was still available. I would personally think, holding a metric rule up to the spring bars would be pretty easy.
  10. The previous model IWC3767-05 was 21mm. Are you asking about that one or the current one? The lug width of the current one seems to be a well-guarded secret, I can't find it online anywhere.
  11. Is that true of IWC as well? I know many other brands will charge for replacing parts.
  12. Hi Andy, Did you purchase the 378901? I am looking at one now. Mint complete with box & papers for $3500. Any feedback is appreciated. Neal
  13. An Omega Aqua Terra would be another option that would give you adequate water resistance and versatility to wear in dressy environs. The new Seamaster 300 with the Master Coaxial movement is a pretty sexy alternative as well. I think I would lean in this direction over IWC for similar money due to use of a more unique movement.
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