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  1. 5 submissions in so far... Bumping for more
  2. I guess it depends how long you're willing to wait. I believe the only models that are confirmed to have the in-house movement are the Pelagos and the North Flag, but the assumption is that the new movement will be rolled out to other models in the future.
  3. uLh2see

    New 5513

    Looks great! Congrats on your old Sub! Yeah, I'm such a wiseguy but I'm more jealous too. I wish, and if I'm lucky, I have someday something similar in my wrist. A watch that has been in my possession for ~40 years; that still looks great or timeless, runs great and brings up lots of memories too. I think that is something to pursue. (so need to live long life and have functioning brains...might be tough call)
  4. uLh2see

    IWC Pilot Ref Help

    What do you mean by that? The GST 3707 is a legitimate reference that IWC produces in early 2000s, check out the discussion from the official IWC forum below: I need an overview over the gst series | Forum | IWC Schaffhausen
  5. uLh2see

    next Watch Advice

    If you're fond of AR treatments on both sides...the Pilot Chrono should be a strong contender within the short list. I went that route and now sits on my wrist constantly during the week. I also have a PO, and enjoy both very much. Breitling also has the double AR, but most of the models I've seen are simply too big; I also don't like the italics or the offset links on the bracelets. I do like some of their chronos in leather, but not sure if they have anything in a 42-43mm max size. Their Heritage Super Ocean also looks good in leather/rubber (the 42mm version). I simply couldn't find anything comparable to the aesthetics/sizing of the IWC Pilot Chrono... My Speedy is waiting patiently in ebay for its new owner...
  6. uLh2see

    Incoming, First IWC!!

    Congrats! That's a beautiful piece... Great way to get into IWC!
  7. uLh2see

    IWC in San Francisco?

    yup i believe Shrieve is the only place in the city...
  8. Just a bit more information. I've had this watch since early 90s. Never wore it much but kept batteries replaced. Finally started stopping and starting a few years ago. If it was mechanical I would be more inclined to fix it. It was purchased from a salvage company and had boxes and papers. It has an incredible band that is easy to adjust and the watch is titanium and very light.
  9. lol, what he said. That strap is really worn and there's not much that reasonably can be done to give it a second life.
  10. Hi y'all! I've just joined watchuseek and I'm here with a dilemma. You see, I have a fixation for robust, big-cased, watches, especially ones with a chronograph. As an entry-level watch consumer, I am interested in spending around $8000/$9000 for a watch. Now while I was perusing watches on Ebay, I chanced upon a Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT (model# B042011/C851 - pictured below) with Breitling's in-house B04 movement, and I fell in love with it. (goes for $5700). Now I know what many of you may say about the Breitling brand, some analogizing it to a "Ford" compared to the "Ferraris" and "Porsches" in the $9000 realm, like the Rolex Submariner, or the IWC Portofino or Portuguese, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Geographic, or perhaps the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, and yet, the Breitling still has its spell on me. Now as of yet, I am not a good judge of quality when it comes to watches, and so I am turning to you all with my question: Are the above-mentioned brands indeed miles ahead in quality and craftsmanship then the Breitling, and why so? And if that's the case, it is worth it to forget about the Breitling, in the presence of the real watch 'greats'. Your feedback will be very much appreciated.
  11. This watch is only 6 bar WR so you won't be using it in water saturation anyway, the pushers are well designed from what I have seen and will have at least one oring seal that seals best when the pusher is not in use because a spring is pushing back against the pusher to help the seal. It is easy to look up the nature of the pusher construction on the web. when they say 6 bar it doesn't mean you can use the pushers under water. You shouldn't have any problems if you bump the pushers under normal wearing conditions as there shouldn't be any water present anyway, if you are swimming with it there could be a risk.
  12. dak_la thanks for that link.Seaswirl,sorry to hear of your troubles.What did you end up doing with the watch? I may have to take a closer look at the GO or JLC line-ups and hold off on that beautiful piece until they get their act together. Its just too much $$ for me to take a gamble on.
  13. Hi all, I'm potentially going to spend some money on my first luxury watch. The one I really want is the IWC Portuguese Automatic with white face and blue hands but this is significantly more expensive than a Longines/Tag or Rolex watches I've been looking at. My friend has half convinced me to get the one I really want or I'll regret it hence this thread! Please could anyone confirm if I were to purchase an IWC Portuguese Automatic with the 7 day power reserve whether it would be wise to wait until my trips to Hong Kong and Japan later in the year as opposed to buying in the UK? Current RRP in the UK is £9250 with a used example around 3 years old costing approximately £6000. I have heard that in Hong Kong this price should cheaper and in Japan cheaper still plus with the potential to claim tax back in Japan. It's kind of hard to check online for prices in the respective countries but if anyone knows rough figures that would be appreciated! Thanks.
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