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  1. Hi Thanks for the quick reply. The Submariner looks nice but the cyclops does not do it for me. Anthony......
  2. Hann

    Daytona Help

    The more plain the better for me. With almost any model from any brand it's the least expensive one's that have the most appeal. My personal choice would be the steel/white dial Daytona.
  3. Hi All... This has probably been done to the death (I did use search) but I wanted to gauge opinions on the Rolex DSSD Lume Colour. I was lucky enough to buy one 2 months ago brand new from an AD here in the UK. Experience was very unique and was something i won't forget. I've been hankering after the DSSD since it's launch and couldn't ever quite stretch to it so I'm enjoying ownership for the most part at the moment. Looking at the website it clearly states blue Chromalight on the website and if you look at the image in the PDF document and on the marketing campaign it's totally been doctor'd/photoshopped as mine is not this colour at all, but a hue of neon green/blue when it's been charged by either natural or un-natural light (sun/LED). It also is a total let down in terms of the longevity of the lume. My Tudor Pelagos outdoes it by a mile, so did my Planet Ocean. I'm left somewhat deflated by this as it's pointless looking at the time in the dark if you can't see the watch and the markers. Does anyone else feel the same about their DSSD?? Thanks G
  4. Yep. It's definitely the most fascinating Rolex for me because all its key traits are not what modern Rolex are known for. It's the only current Rolex models (that I'm aware of) with stunningly decorated movement bridge. And I'm the biggest sucker for transparent case-back and well-decorated movement. In fact, I'm so intrigued by the Rolex Prince that I wrote a quick piece about it here: Demo: Blog - Blakbook
  5. Hi all - gurus and friends, My Tudor 7928 family heirloom is finally getting her service for the first time in her life. I choose ABC watchwerks and delivered it to them personally based on recommendations here. I was called today and told that the twinlock crown wasnt working adn only a triple lock crown could be sourced. My questions are as follows: 1. Does it matter if i use a twinlock vs triple lock crown in terms of functionality? 2. Will using triple lock crown devalue this watch 3. How do I get twinlock crown and how much is it? Thank you very much everyone
  6. +5s/d is a bit much. It's capable of better than that but do give it a couple of months. The RSC regulated my 216570 when it was consistently -2s/d and wouldn't gain in any position at night. They returned it at 0s/d--absolutely right on but it has quietly crept up to +1s/d which nightly placement counteracts. You've got time on the warranty to get it taken care of.
  7. Hann

    IWC Pilot Ref Help

    I, too, think that this might be fake, sorry. The International Watch Company on the top of the watch where the tachymeter numbers are, just does not look like what IWC's designers would have in mind. I have never seen this watch on any web-site.
  8. Hann

    Buying a Mark XVII

    You can also look at Brisbane vintage watches (sister company to sydney) and also the watch gallery (in Melbourne and armadale). Places I'd trust getting watches from. Nick Hacko seems to get more Mk16's that SVw but he's had a bit of a change in his outlook now that he is making his own watches
  9. I give. What is it about the safe window?
  10. There is no way the swiss watch manufactures are going to be able to compete with Apple on this one.... Companies like IWC should just stick to what they are good at - making beautiful mechanical high end luxury timepieces ... The Apple Watch isn't competitive in this space at all ... IWC will never be able to provide a software experience like Apple would.. I would never buy this (or an Apple Watch for that matter) ..
  11. If you like it then go for it personally I think it looks terrible
  12. Hann

    Mark XII or Mark XV

    Here is a wrist shot of mine which I just got today, nice bday present recon.
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