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  1. I had the first gen Pelagos but this second gen one is forcing me to consider adding a new one back to my collection. I like the blue, i like the inhouse movement and i dont mind the wall of text!
  2. I have no idea and it doesn't sound like my local AD does either. I was told any day now.
  3. Nothing stands out to me, as being suspicious, but I would suggest to get it authenticated by an Authorised Dealer.
  4. Very nice! More lovely pictures, please! Thanks. Congratulations!
  5. My roadmap was to ultimately buy what I liked, and not worry about what other are already wearing or any purported stereotypes. Submariner 14060M - Done. GMT Coke - 16710 - Done. Explorer 39mm - Done. Collection - Complete.
  6. Thanks all. I dont really mind sending it back to IWC for a full service.. any idea if after a full service, will they warrant it again? i mean even for 6mths or better still a year is good!
  7. I HAVE a 3536/01, a 3719-28 a submariner and a deeepsea seadweller. i adore both aquatimers that i have, both are reliable, very wearable, and with eta movements that are workhorses.... there's one point that i believe that the submariner / seadweller wins for a mile that is the bracelet. really if you are thinking about a watch to be used day by day, you should consider it, i like the aquatimers bracelets a lot, but the lack of a micro adjustment is unforgiven if you live in a place that the changes of wheater is so frequent, and is hot as I do, it really makes a diference. so i would suggest you to go to the submariner or the sea dweller. i wouldnt sugest the deepsea seadweller even being an awesome watch because of it's size. just my 2 cents. regards
  8. Have you tried on both? The Port Auto looks significantly nicer than the Chrono in person! The new 7-day movement having double barrel should fix the accuracy issues, hopefully.
  9. Perfect combination. Now if IWC would just do away with the stark white date wheel on silver dials.
  10. I love that watch. I have the previous year's tribute watch, the Antoine De Saint Expery watch, and just like you it was (by far) my most expensive watch (even at about a 50% discount). The BP's blue face, onion crown and 8-day power are all great attributes. And the back engraving is tasteful. If it moves you, I'd say go for it. Here's mine, BTW...
  11. ward231

    Ingenieur 3239 Laureus

    Why took them so long to introduce ? Lots of nice new blue watches being announced at Basel, IWC should take the opportunity to launch this, or else they will miss the potential buyer. The new Oyster perpetual blue dial 39 mm from Rolex is beautiful.
  12. Hi guys, i order 2 watches from smirs.com since 2 and a half months ago and i have yet to receive them. From what i know, smirs.com have really slow shipping, but is it really that slow ? translated russianpost.ru screenshot
  13. Congrats Heindalg! I am looking for a Kirovskie with the same look like yours. You're so lucky!
  14. I think the 2427 might be a bit of a steep learning curve. And you wouldn't want to get it wrong. The assymetric Slava is a bit of a rare piece.
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