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  1. I have mine for 4 months, and I absolutely love this watch! It is by far the most accurate automatic watch in my collection and the movement is really quiet. It is perfectly legible and the lume is very bright and last a long time. The 60 click bezel is really well made and lands perfectly on the markers. The bracelet is just fantastic, with the easy micro adjustment system in the clasp! Also the rubber strap that comes with the Pelagos is really nice and very comfortable to wear. Since the watch is made of titanium, the Pelagos is very light on the wrist. I would say that the only minor thing of this watch would be that it is very prone to scratches... maybe that is just me, but it is a scratch magnet! I am really happy I bought this watch... although that Black Bay is also really tempting...
  2. That's one sweet sports watch! Congrats on your new Rolex!
  3. I don't think that this a Genta design, although it does have a lot of fridge cues
  4. That's the one with the new Tudor in-house movement right? What's the water resistance on this watch?
  5. Here's a pic of my GMTII-C with a bond strap ........ Fits great and comfortable . Haven't decide if I would brush the bracelet's center links yet. Let me think about it over a cup of hot coffee ........... Cheers, Jimmy.
  6. Hi everyone I just got my first Rolex, a GMT Master II with the new black ceramic bezel and was wondering if any of you has put on a NATO strap on this or the former model and has some pictures of it. Also, it would be great to know if a completely brushed bracelet can be put on this watch. I really like this watch, but the center polished links are a little too shiny for me. Thanks! Huerta CS
  7. The Chrono it was for me. IWC is famous for their Chronographs and I just liked the look of it a lot more. It is quite a thick watch so you'll want to try it on before you buy. I bought online from an AD and was surprised how tick it was. But it doesn't bother me one bit. Here's mine when she was new before the scratches.
  8. Never ran across a GO that I would consider schlockie, IWC on the other hand.
  9. Densy

    Incoming! Portuguese

    Got a random message re: my wanted ad from a while back ... Long story short Here it is! Exactly what I've been waiting for. Almost unworn condition, box, AD papers, a perfect example! I have a good few watches - Datejust,submariner, GMT,Speedmaster, Reverso.This really stands out for the comfort on the wrist and I love the White dial.
  10. Densy


    I can get the back off the one with strap (pics below) any hints of removing the back of the other one would be gratefully received!!
  11. Densy

    IWC 3714-45

    Up until around 2005-6, the numbers were embossed (stamped) rather than applied. But embossed numbers are still raised, just not as crisp as the modern applied numbers.
  12. The IWC is a beauty, I also like the Breitling Unitime Pilot, the dial is less obtrusive than the regular Unitime with the world on the dial. The movement is pretty neat on those as well, very easy to maneuver to different time zones. It is a bit pricey though, around 6-7 on the second hand market.
  13. I have an incoming 3239 Laureus & am interested in knowing what options are available. I know of the black rubber, any others?
  14. Nice pictures, and nice strap, too! I love the Portuguese Chronograph.
  15. Densy

    First IWC

    Which chrono are you thinking of getting? As in the reference of the chrono? Price wise you can't say because it depends on who you get it from. If you have a regular dealer then you can get something decent off the IWC. The Rolex if you get any sort of discount consider yourself very lucky, that's their most popular model and there is typically a long waiting list. As to what's best well it depends on your tastes.
  16. Opinions are like a..holes, everyone has one, so let's leave it there. Say, I like this little piece here, its an iconic "sports" watch but measures 38MM, so there are many, many better options than a dining plate on a wrist fad that I hope is coming to its well deserved end soon enough..
  17. Good (part of the) day Comrades. Please beg my pardons if the subject had been discussed in the past. Considering buying the watch pictured below. It combines my favorite Aviator stile with my even more favorite 24 h. dial. It is hard to resist. But something comes to my mind and stops from pulling the trigger. It is advertised by its Ukrainian seller as Raketa Aviator. But the movement is 2609, while the Raketas 24h. use 2623 movements. What kind of movement is it and is it reliable enough? How original is this watch - is it a franken, made in someones basement in Donetzk with parts stolen from different factories during the Perestroyka; or a legit watch? Unfortunately this watch reminds me very much the cheap tourist ones that are flooding Ebay and the such in the last few years. Any thoughts?
  18. Today I just have to show you an electronic ZiM timepiece that nobody on this forum ever heard about! A ZiM Constructor DIY set for children to assemble their first quartz watch!
  19. Of course you're right - they are just what I think have a Soviet/Russian look. How do you define any national look to "avoid the kitsch type ones with matreshkas/Gorbachev/tanks/subs" as Krill asked.
  20. An auto wind with date would be 2616 if it follows conventional Russian movement annotation.
  21. Thanks guys, it's good to be here
  22. yeah, that's why I wrote "check the continents". But you are right, I added a square at the position of the island.
  23. Saw this on our local classifieds. Reported to be a vintage rare Vostok Komanderskie Submarine. Here r the pics. Am thinking of adding it to my Russian watch collection including a Raketa and a Zakaz. If bought, will be change its strap. Do give your expert view. It would definitely help in making my decision.
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