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  1. Ian, the 36mm was the standard men's size for DJs, DDs, etc. Also made was the smaller men's "medium" size which I saw worn by men with smaller wrist size, and the ladies Rolex of course was the smallest. Other sizes for men are the 40mm sports models, the new 41mm, and the 43mm+ Deepsea. Personal opinion the medium size just looked wrong when men wore it LOL. But hey, that's just my opinion.
  2. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy that fine watch for a long time. Also... nothing wrong about thinking of the next model to buy. Perfectly normal!
  3. Glad to hear everything worked out, Johnny. That is a nice watch!
  4. Along those lines, will a SubC glide lock clasp fit on my DSSD bracelet? I seem to think someone has already done it to their DS. I have no love for the long glide lock clasp that comes with the Deepsea. I'll even trade it if someone is interested. Thanks.
  5. DCgator


    It will all work out.
  6. I have a tt Thunderbird serviced for the first time in Dec. 2011. The watch was worn only occasionally throughout the 20 years since I bought it in 1991 (R serial). There were no issues according to the AD watchmaker who performed the service.
  7. DCgator

    Strap query

    I would not do it myself, but rather take it to a leather goods maker or shoe repair guy. They have tools appropriate for this job, if you want it done right, imo.
  8. Have the RSC have a look see if one is nearby, or to a reputable watchmaker.
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