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  1. Still no word of the exact availability according to the AD boutique rep I spoke with today.
  2. I really enjoy this watch. The pictures do it no justice. The blue is dark and the orange is dark and muted too, it's not obnoxious or loud.
  3. It may not be a dive watch but does great at the lake.
  4. I'm a big fan of this watch personally, but I know some are not. Some of the contention is related to the color scheme (blue w/ orange), others just have an issue with the GMT bezel because it's not a true dive watch. As you know, the only dial option now is the Good Planet blue dial w/ orange accents on the bezel, however the other dial choices below will be available soon. Just curious what everyone's thoughts are on the other dial choices... 1) Black w/ Orange Number 2) Blue w/ Orange (Good Planet - Available Now) 3) Black w/ SS Numbers 4) Orange Misc Blue/Orange Bezel Pics (Awesome Watch - IMO):
  5. add a little talc power to your wrist too. That will help.
  6. You see, long after Omega changes the design of the AT, making the current design look old and dated a dozen or more different Rolex models will still have the timeless classic look and will be just as enjoyable then as they are now. And for anyone who thinks the current lineup of Omega watches are "instant classics" you need to get a grip, stop, and think about what actually makes a watch a classic. All good points made here. I like the point about Rolex's classic design vs. Omega. If you look at the current series of PO's vs. the previous series, I agree the new ones make the old ones look pretty stale and undesirable. Of course I'm sure many current 2500 owners would disagree, especially if they're currently being offered up in a sales thread. The new 8500's look so damn good though, its hard to imagine they'll look stale anytime soon, but I'm sure Omega will figure out a way to up the ante. I personally enjoy Omega's style compared to Rolex. I think Rolex is scared in a sense to deviate from what's made them who they are today, which limits them IMO. What does make a watch an "instant classic"? I'm curious.... Should it be pleasing to the eye of multiple generations, gender, personalities, etc? Broad appeal? Or, should Rolex focus on white, middle aged folks with copious $$'s to spend on expensive, frivolous items? People who want to have the look of success? I'm curious what your thoughts are...
  7. Model and movement and we can give you the type of answer you're after.
  8. I think the numbers and quality of print on the bezel look suspect as well. Zoom in on Kringkily's picture and focus on the "140" on the bezel. Look at the font difference and also where the dot it. The dot on yours is closer to the 1, where as Kringkily's shows the dot closer to the 4, also, just in general the print looks distorted, especially the 2 in 120. Can you post a macro pic of the entire dial?
  9. Auto! You would regret a quarts in more way than one....
  10. I bought 5 quick-picks. I already have the money spent!
  11. I'm buying one! I'll post pics..
  12. Let me ramble and tell me where I'm wrong... The correct way to wear this this watch is for the chronograph hand (large seconds hand) to stay fixed at 12, and the small seconds will run at 9. If I choose I can let the large chrono hand run in parallel with the small hand at 9 and this will not cause any issues because the movement is designed to independently control the standard time keeping and chrono function?
  13. Looking for some expert advise... Is there any risk in letting the large chronograph hand continually run on a 9300 movements? I'm thinking about buying one, but I don't like the way it blocks the 12 or omega logo, I'd rather it run. I apologize if this topic has been brought up before.
  14. Yeah, that is not even a good fake. Lots of tells on that one, sub-dials are all wrong, pearl is terrible, date font and wheel color are wrong, plus more. Most likely a quartz movement too.
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