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  1. I would preserve your sanity and send it off for for repairs if your have the means. Good luck...
  2. Agree with the above winder not nec. for storage purposes. My experience with winders educated me that different watches like different winding patterns. Spend a little extra on the programmable ones as they cover all your bases.
  3. Put tape on the case at the point where you pry off the bezel to help prevent any scratches. Good luck...
  4. Still laughing about winding with the boat's prop !
  5. Perhaps a general jeweler would be able to tackle this one. Good luck...
  6. Mine does religiously at 11:57pm as indicated.
  7. If you want to go "high-tech" you can pick-up a Bergeon 6767-F spring bar tool. It has the 0.8mm push pin on one side and a fine fork on the other (spring bar removal).
  8. If the sides of the SS links are polished, then use a Cape Cod Cloth (available on eBay, etc., etc.)
  9. Best bet is to cut the #7447 into very small slices and use just like sandpaper in those hard to reach areas. Good Luck...
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