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  1. Hi Just wondered if anyone could confirm the parts number for the links in the 93150 and 78360 bracelets? many thanks
  2. Table very helpful and many thanks - so does the Seadweller come with two interchangeable extension links, i.e one fitted to the bracelet and one in the toolkit, as either 32-20751S or L?
  3. Hi Juts wondered if anyone could explain the differences in the Submariner 93150 and Seadweller 93160 bracelets? Many thanks
  4. Pretty straightforward - Bergeon fine tip spring bar tool of similar, along with some patience and practice, and you are there!
  5. Quick trip to AD did the trick - many thanks
  6. Guys - just noticed that the 24hr hand of one of my 1675s is out of sync with the hour hand. - it seems to be trailing it by about a half hour or so. Was wondering if it is a big job to sort out? Watch was in for some AD work recently.
  7. Although I got my first Rolex quite a few years back, it is only in the last year of two that I have really started reading up etc. and am learning something new virtually each time I sign on. I have noticed quite a bit on bezel changing and watched a couple on tutorials on this. I am still a bit unclear though what actually keeps the insert firmly secured within the bezel itself, as it appears to me that the insert is inserted from above into the bezel? Presumably some form of tension rather than a lip or edge holds the insert in place? Just wondered if anyone could shed some light? Thanks
  8. Possibly this has been raised before but apologies obo of a new guy. In theory, would any 5513 maxi dial fit into a late 89 5513 Sub that already has white gold markers, or would only certain types fit ? Thanks
  9. Hi Was wondering if anyone can quote me the Rolex parts numbers for T19 and T39 domes or super domes? Many thanks
  10. Can anyone confirm if the ends of spring bars are meant to sit flush in lug holes, i.e level with the outside of the lug hole? I have seen some instances where the end of the springbsr sits recessed within the lug hole and was unsure if this is either a poor fit or defect in the springbar itself. Many thanks
  11. Notwithstanding the skill required, surely parts and specialist tools would be a problem?
  12. No - am not confusing bezel with bezel insert - have seen bezels coming off?
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