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  1. Loving the blue... Great choice.
  2. thsiao

    Bell & Ross??

    I'm a huge BR fan... Just make sure you get them at a good discount because their resale value is poor. Also try to steer away from the PVD models because their coatings are weak and scratch easily. Other than that they are great watches and good bang for your buck.
  3. That's unfortunate. I recently had a similar experience with B&R... sent them a watch for repair under warranty and when I received the watch back there was so much dust under the crystal that I have a hard time believing someone inspected it before it was sent back to me. No apologies, but they did pay for the shipping back to them and they expedited the repair. Watch came back clean this time. I just don't get why the watch would've left their facility in the first place in the condition that it did. Obviously no QA/QC, which is a shame for a company that large.
  4. So while in Vegas this past week we decided that it was time for my 15 month old daughter to get her first watch :D! Her grandparents were kind enough to pay for her very first watch... a Flik Flak . She's a natural WIS though, always trying to get her mom's watch and when she does get it she knows how to put it on her own wrist... makes WIS daddy proud. Her first wrist shot and first group shot,
  5. thsiao

    My new watch

    Congrats!!! Great collection too...
  6. Congrats! Looks great on your wrist. I have the white face Plastiki Inge.
  7. If it doesn't sing to you then return it. Not particularly fond of that model IMHO.
  8. Amazing!!! Love the new ROOs!!! You should post this in the AP subforum!
  9. As beautiful as the IWC is, it is just too dressy for me... the PAM233 on the other hand is sporty and can be dressed up if needed with a gator strap. It is THE Panerai to have. The dome crystal and the PR indicator are just amazing.
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