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  1. Haven't updated my Pamily picture but here goes This was taken in Mid-2012 (24,111E,292,177,372,23A,351) 92 and 123 Smaller Rads (62,184,338) Pam 441 Pam 345
  2. It's all about the price and maintenance ETA based pams are easier and cheaper to service and the price to obtain the watch is cheaper (with the exception of the models with diamonds or precious metal or the SEs) Whereas for the in house,servicing will be more expensive and will take longer time in comparison to ETA based,however I've always loved their 8 days movt (not feelin' the 10 days auto though..) Another thing about their 8 or 10 days movt (P200x movt) is the price of the watch itself...most of the watches cost 5 figures in us$/€,whereas the base models are more affordable,even the ones with P5000 which is the simpler 8 days movt Just for fun,I will post my only P200x based 8 days pam
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