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  1. i am interested to get the Rolex subND i was debating between the 114060 model or the 14060M? which one you you get? the new model Ceramic or non Ceramic?
  2. which omega speed master would u buy the hesalite crystal or the sapphire crystal?
  3. And I saw this. But the price kinda throw me off. Almost 11k image.jpg
  4. I was wondering what are ur thought regarding theses 2 watches? As far as value and build quality and history. Just some general thoughts. I am not trying to buy any of them just trying to get some opinion for the far future.
  5. which is more successful company Breitrling or Omega. and which have better value for money. i know they both have a awful resale value.
  6. Nima007

    My moon Watch

    as you all know i recently bought a speed master with the hasilite crystal. when i picked it up from the Omega Boutique i bought a leather band with it and had the put on the strap when i went home that night the next day i noticed that the lugs on the back of the watch are all scratched up do to them changing the strap. i was pissed as i just bought the watch new and it should have been perfect. so i called them and they are willing to replace the watch for me. so my question is to you sense i had the watch for a few days now i have also noticed few hair light scratches on my hasilite crystal i don't know if they were there or not but would you get the sandwich version of the speed master or the hasilite? and if so how do you deal with the hasilite crystal as far as cleaning and use on the class to remove any scuffs?
  7. Nima007


    Speedy pro brown dial vs black dial, not my pictures but which is better looking. Attachment 451262
  8. ok i am trying to break down to 1 watch for the next year. just trying to gather ideas. Speedmaster 57 blue dial or black or gmt BLNR or the any other omega or rolex here is the collection so far 1509888_589779904391562_1677536047_n.jpg 1511369_589779874391565_577109077_n.jpg 1397404_586886068014279_1415386978_o.jpg SS.
  9. so i just bought this beauty about 2 weeks ago and i was wondering would this piece be very sough after sense its omegas First found breaking Anti Magnetic movement? will it be highly collectible you think? just some thoughts and opinion. i know we don't know what happens tomorrow but just some thoughts. 993480_587380134631539_2030558648_n.jpg
  10. image.jpg Here are the other ones.
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