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  1. Very nice review and watch Norman. My next watch is going to be a ROO, most likely the Diver. But I very much like the Navy and the Volcano too! Did you buy your watch in the US or Jakarta? Just curious because here in Oz, ROO Chronos retail well over 20k. Esp with the AUD and USD almost on par, you could well imagine how much margin is slapped onto these (even accounting for the taxes).
  2. That was an enjoyable read. Makes me appreciate my Diver even more, not that I ever needed more :)
  3. I would buy black. Personally, I think the green will go out of fashion.
  4. Just be aware the GMT with PCL is very easily scratched, no matter how careful you think you are. If this is going to be your only Rolex, I'd go for the Sub. Otherwise, either one as your first is just as good.
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