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  1. Congrats on that beautiful looking Sub Renato Mr Ridley did a great job
  2. Välkommen Mike! Jag skulle tro att krona och hals är slitna och behövs bytas ut. Gå till en återförsäljare och låta dom titta på den. Får du fukt i klockan är risken att rost börjar bilda sig och det kan gå väldigt fort.
  3. You can get a new bezel insert at your AD or the RSC.
  4. If you send it to Rolex Switzerland they will have a replacement case on the cost estimate marked as not optional and those are not cheap my friend. Did they change the handsets or did the keep the original ones?
  5. TSW

    Daytona dials

    Yes it would work!
  6. A, Yes nowadays there are synthetic oils and those oil "dries" out as well but not as quick, and the wheels and the rotor axis will definitive run with friction and cause more tear on them.
  7. I would go for the service as the oils would be dried out.
  8. Endlink 580 should be a winner
  9. Give it a full wind of 40 turns or so.
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