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    more rolex marketing jibberish what a surprise
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    i dont know about chromalite but the ultimate technology in lume is tritium gas it was first a proprietary technology to the US military but now available to consumer market.
  3. Hi all, i have started to explore/tinker with my watches. im starting out with removing spring bar. i have tried this on my beater victorinox ambassador model. i used the tip of my swiss army knife. i thought it was the wrong tool but i have found it to be quite effective. i have done it 2x now and starting to become more proficient. i still dont dare do this on my rolex though. i would just like to know if it is the same process? i am starting to enjoy tinkering with watches maybe soon i will be able to open up my watch and start exploring its insides. cheers!
  4. not into vintage but that is sexy
  5. how is the lume? how is the movement? is it in-house? how does it fare in salt water? it said it was even 600m water resist (WOW!). how is the bracelet comfort compared to say oyster clasp? sorry it these are noob questions, this is just my first time with omega. i would appreciate your expert advice.
  6. but why? that's the watch that struck me...what do i do now?
  7. im looking for a dive watch but found out that there is no model of this in the omega website! what's that all about?
  8. ok im sorry and apologize for asking
  9. i see that fr. John is an omega expert. i come from catholic school. raised to know that priests should not have expensive stuff. im just curious...hope you dont mind me asking
  10. my wrist is like wide not thick. so the pam just stays flat on the wrist. the lugs of the pam dont exceed my flat part of the wrist. makes you realize how personal a watch gets. Quote:
  11. i just came from AD to check out the omega seamaster planet ocean 42mm. the first thing i noticed is that it is way heavier than Pam112. is the weight difference mainly due to the strap vs bracelet or the watch itself? the second is that it seemed even larger and thicker than the pam112 (manual wind). to my surprise, the 44mm pam seemed to fit my 6.5 inch wrist better than the PO. i looked at it from lug to lug. i also noticed that the curve on the lugs of the pam seem deeper than the angle of the PO. making it hug the wrist more than the PO. what i havent tried is whether the PO will fit under shirt cuff because the pam definitely wont. is this really the case? or will it all work out after resizing the bracelet? Thanks!
  12. im choosing between omega, panerai and rolex omega - sort of like the devil tail hands and the wavy bezel but that's all i know at this point. just trying to widen my collection and get one from each brand. rolex - would have gone with sub but i the flimsy clasp and small markers (compared to gmt2c) are putting me off pam104 - would have gone with this but the large case it not versatile when i wear long sleeve. i would appreciate your thoughts guys. thanks!
  13. omega not a fashion brand. fashionistas dont wear omegas. philip stein is fashion bulgari, kenneth cole, etc etc. omega more of a luxury brand. how can great value for money mean fashion?
  14. i was going to pull the trigger on the PO but im really having issues with the weight. 42mm (i want braclet) is really heavy compared to a pam automatic. you may want to consider that too
  15. hello omega owners, is omega PO shock resistant as in riding a bike through rough road
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