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  1. More pictures for your perusal:
  2. Hi all, As the title says, your opinions please. I've thinned out my collection and now I'm torn between 2 watches as which to wear on a daily basis, and which to save as more of a weekend watch. I love the retro looks of the Tudor, but also the classic look of the Sub. I know there's a big price difference between the 2, and that causes a catch 22 situation within itself. I feel that because the sub cost more, I shouldn't have paid all that money for it to be stuck in the safe and kept *for special occasions* and I should be getting the wear out of it, as these are well known to be bullet proof daily wear watches for the past several decades. the Tudor, I feel is just as well built as the sub, and dare I say it, might be slightly better looking, and a bit more reserved (compared to green!) whats all your thoughts?
  3. Great review, enjoyed that. Thinking of the blue Pelagos as well. But this thread really does need pics
  4. Michael81 is correct. the serial number dates it to 1986.
  5. Stay with Rolex Milgauss
  6. matte18

    Buying a Mark XVII

    You should't have any issues with your sticks and damage to the watch, it's such a minor impact I wouldn't worry about it affecting any watch. Since you have relatively small wrists, have you considered an older Mark? Not sure if you are 100% committed to buying new, but older versions have smaller cases. I have no idea what connection IWC still has with the military, but if you love the looks just buy it, no denying that even if they don't now there was a point in time where they did which is cool enough
  7. Hi guys, Just wanted to check if anyone had a crystal replaced on IWC Double Chrono IW3778. I scratched mine and wanted to find out the cost before sending it in to IWC. Thanks in advance.
  8. I want to share some pictures of the movement if you haven't seen it. :)
  9. I'm liking it quite well, it's running at -+5 seconds a day, so I don't think it's too bad in that department. It's also very comfortable on the wrist, but I do wish they would have went with a 20mm band instead of the 19mm. But I think that that's covered with the Aquaracer GMT. Other then that the visibility is nice, and it's very legible, all hands even in the dark. With the "lume" it will glow very brightly for about 30 minutes, then you get that fade, but still it remains visible/legible for a very long time. The Aquaracer GMT also caries more lume, and it should be better in that aspect. But the Aquaracer GMT was actually what I was looking for but the watch shop didn't carry that model. They had the F1 and I just went with it. After all I hadn't bought myself a new tag heuer in almost 22 years. But also as you were saying, that is what I like about my IWC I bought it for myself and it makes ME happy wearing it...
  10. I have been considering the 42mm iwc aquatimer 2000 in titanium and would like any input. the main reason I am considering it is that it uses an ETA 2892-a2 Since I am a watchmaker any future work would be a breeze and parts for ETA are usually readily available. secondly I have a 42mm Longines legend diver and I love the size and internal bezel 2 crown style. i haven't seen one in person and hoping someone here could tell me a bit about it. do both crowns screw down like my LLD which is typical of the old super compressor styles? Is the internal bezel uni directional like my LLD? I love titanium but not opposed to steel although I do prefer rubber straps. any input is appreciated. Thanks
  11. They already have a great in-house chronograph with flyback ready. You can find it in the Yacht Club, Da Vinci, Aquatimer red gold and Ingenieur. The only downside will be that the Pilot Chronograph will be go up in price.
  12. 1 rule. If it's on eBay and it's an old Russian military watch in nice condition-it's probably fake
  13. When you talk about lubricating, do you have to disassemble more than opening the cover and dripping oil?
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