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  1. I think you need the 15300 in the last wrist shot... congrats, bob
  2. Germany's A. Lange & Söhne unveils $2.7m limited edition wristwatch - Style - ArabianBusiness.com
  3. Hold on to new version unless you get ridiculous discount on old L1. The instant date change functionally doesn't matter (say the same to any other complication), but it will bug you over time with the thought that the watch you have is technically inferior(strong but true word) to its successor knowing the money u paid is no different just a matter of being patient for a few more months. Get 30% off is hardly happening to big 5 (trinity+Lange+Breguet) AD in Asia or Europe, to my experience. 25 is ur best bet.
  4. Hey bob welcome to the forum! Let me go over quickly your questions. #1 Omega sea master is a fine all rounder - broad meeting, gym workouts, outdoor activities inc swimming. But it is no way on par with Lange and technically Lange does not offer divers to compete - not that they have to. #2 Glasshute Orinigal (GO) builds grt watches @ 2/3 Lang price (cannot say 2/3 quality) and their entry level models come with steel option. At GO price point, they are peerless movement finish regard. One to mention, they tend to make modern bigger watches - north of 40mm is normal to GO. #3 Free to
  5. They are, generally it is considered ALS, PP and VC. They weren't included in the "Swiss Trinity thread" because ALS are German not Swiss. Geography
  6. Nice! I worried that this would be sold at MSRP, or at least the MSRP of the old model, but it looks like it's just a top up on the going rate of the original.
  7. Your watch is an SNXA09, as listed here: SEIKO 5 Finder - SNXA09 Automatic Watch 7s26 movement is an old faithful favourite here, you can expect it to keep working with minimum fuss for a good long time, and even if it does eventually fail replacement movements are so cheap that it isn't worth servicing it, just drop in a new movement. The entire watch can be had for $60 so it' easy to replace.
  8. Probably no need, given the design of the watch (endless crown threads, etc. ) - but - since you gone this far, why not replace the gaskets and get her checked out? (been putting off sending mine off to Citizen)
  9. matte18

    SKA369 questions

    I've been looking for a Seiko diver, date only, and really like the SKA369. It would not be a daily wear, it would be in a rotation. Some days it might be worn for part of the day (teaching dive class), other times it might not get worn for a couple weeks. Would I need a winder for it in this type of wear? On a side topic, how does it compare to the 009? The 009 seems a lot more popular, and a bit less expensive. I have been considering it, although it is not exactly what I want (day/date). With the saved money I might get it modded, where I probably wouldn't with the 369.
  10. I'm trying to decide between these two watches. They seem to share the same movement, but the 013 costs 3x as much as the 809. Can anyone who owns both watches recommend the better choice? I'm a med student so I'd like a watch I can wear in a clinic that can do double duty in scrubs and a button up shirt and tie. I was worried about the skx013 kind of being too high, but some sources indicate that they are actually the same hight. Does the skx013 go well in formal attire? Better yet, could anyone who has both post wrist shots of these watches on the same wrist? Finally I know the snk809
  11. in person the Cocktail Time looks much better than in any inter-web photo!!
  12. The SRP639 is a little fancier than the 637 though the rubber is no great shakes IMO. For a dress watch how about the SARB065?
  13. Thanks for sharing, should make this into a stick.
  14. Expecting a GS sbgt035 any day now. Have lined up several reliable watch experts around my area. So no problem having the battery replaced. I would much rather have an expert handle the battery change. I read somewhere in one of the forums that you have to demagnetize your instruments before even opening the case.
  15. Thanks, I thought it was probably just hands incorrectly placed or something similar, I only paid £40 including P+P so will probably invest in some presto hand pullers and have a go at it myself, Cheers,
  16. whoa..subrosa with your way, you really awaken the love for my monster. it should be on my wrist tomorrow
  17. Wow!! Had not seen that before. Thanks for the pic!!!
  18. matte18


    It's the one watch that I have flipped that I really miss. Beautiful watch!
  19. Seiko coserv should be able to hook you up for free. Really crazy those sellers on ebay selling links for modern watches at ridiculous prices. Always want to send them messages about seiko coserv. It's disgusting really.
  20. Sadly for me there really aren't any good Seiko dealers that I know of in Scotland - all the places that sell Seikos just have a bunch of less-interesting Kinetics and Solars. Good functional watches, no doubt, but for people like us who lust after the tasty automatics it's a bit like giving a starving dog a rubber bone...
  21. Since the OP mentione buying from Amazon US, which is not possible from other countries, he would pay no VAT and very unlikely any import duties buying directly from Japan. The OP did not mention which Sumo model he's interested, but if it's a regular SBDC003 at this time the lowest price is on Amazon for $359, free shipping from Japan. Yen is at 8 years low and it's a great time to buy.
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