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  1. 24 hours a day since i was a kid.
  2. Rolex wasn't that overpriced back in the days. Wish it were still true... paying too much for status that gets more and more expensive every year "just because"
  3. Welcome to the forums! Congrats on your new Citizen!
  4. Can a Seiko Shogun owner post a picture of their shogun on a ruler? I have read reviews saying it is 41mm, and others saying it is 45mm.
  5. Uhm yes it has, even with real pics Upcoming Seiko Prospex Special Ed. - SRP653/SRP655
  6. matte18

    Aqualand lives!

    Look on the bay-- i found gasket sets for mine(long gone) on there in the past. Nice work bring her back to life! Post some pics when u are done!
  7. Couple of things to be aware of when importing: Watches don't usually have duty on them, only VAT. VAT is calculated on the landed cost of the watch, not the purchase price (landed= Purchase price + Freight + Insurance). Always check the numbers add up yourself, i've had brokers use the sellers stated value + postage while sellers have stated sales value incl postage...... meaning you pay VAT on the postage part twice. Brokers will do the admin job for you and pay the VAT up front, typically charging you a fixed sum for the admin plus a % on the advanced payment of VAT, usually 3-5%. 5% for 14 days credit is the same as 60%pa...... so expensive capital, especially if you don't need to "borrow" it at all.
  8. There are no transmitters in the southern hemisphere and consequently no reception is possible. You have to consider however that these watches are powered by a quartz movement and they are sufficiently accurate even if they don't receive a signal. They can all be adjusted manually. You may think that it is useless to pay for a receiver you can't use but in case you really like the watch why not? At the end of the day radiocontrolled watches are not terribly expensive and not much more expensive than standard quartz ones.
  9. I don't own these but I took these iphone snaps when I was at the NYC boutique... I wish i had big wrists or I'd buy that SAEH005 right MEOW. Untitled by crazeazn, on Flickr Untitled by crazeazn, on Flickr Untitled by crazeazn, on Flickr Untitled by crazeazn, on Flickr
  10. Theres quite a lot of sweet models in the Seiko lineup. We love our SKXs and our GSes but the Brightz & Anantas can be the "middle ground". Let us show some love so people can join the fray. Show us your pretty watches so the monster, sumo, skx and GS thread owners get jealous! Since I couldn't find a thread, I'll start! Here is my SAGQ001
  11. Seiko has perfected the technology of polishing titanium, I don't think anybody else can do it at the moment.
  12. Back to work after a week off…. blue Monday with my Seiko SNZH53. -Shawn
  13. Dear and fellow forum members; The thing goes like this: I love the sarb065 more than just about any other watch at any price, in the world. But, I've a tiny 6,25" wrist and don't like to wear large watches. I used to have a Rodina, but never fell confortable with its size, but have an Orient Star Classic, which wears just fine... (besides other smaller watches) So, does any of you have side by side pictures of the sarb065 along any of the following watches? Rodina "bauhaus hommage", Orient Star Classic, Seiko sarb035, Orient Millenium, Orient Union. Your help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. Gianclaudio
  14. matte18

    Seiko SNZH57

    I find this design and color combination oddly attractive for some reason.
  15. Mine on a Yobokies Anvil bracelet.
  16. Thanks for explanation subterfuge that makes perfect sense. I did find my shorter movement holder so I will see what I come up with maybe this weekend. If I can't find the correct part than I may try and come up with something to use as a shim. Appreciate the help!
  17. Hello guys. I was browsing for some watches and then came across this: Seiko Prospex SRP307 K1 Black Monster Divers Watch | eBay I am confused. Isn't the SRP307 in the superior line? Is this a new black monster? Cause I have been doing research and as far as I know, the srp307 is not in the prospex line.
  18. Actually the bracelet is a ok but not great so down the road it may not hold up as well as a Monster bracelet and folded links as well.
  19. Beautiful watches. If I ever buy a quartz watch, one of these will likely be the one...
  20. Used to be that the Alpinists, which were Seiko field watches, were 200m rated. As pointed out, the 059 was one, which used the 007 case. Great watch, and the only Seiko, and the only watch, a regret selling. 200m is great for an all-purpose watch, one that might get more than a splash. You can safely swim with it, planned or otherwise, take a shower, get caught in a heavy downpour, snorkel, etc. The newer watches that have replaced the SARB Alpinists are not built as robust as far as WR goes. They are also bigger. IMHO, they are a disappointment, and something elegant and timeless has been lost. Shame on Seiko.
  21. If I could find SARB059s for $300 I would buy two.
  22. Nice looking old chap ... HAGWE!
  23. [table]Pulsar V681-900L Racing Chronograph - help needed[/td] Mon, 14 October 2013 19:10 [/td] [/tr] [/table] Hi All, I recently acquired this watch and because it was from an estate sell it did not come with its original packaging or manuals. I have searched on line, and even contacted Seiko customer service to request the operation manual for this watch, but they were unable to provide it. The watch is an early to mid 90's vintage, and is multi function....calendar, chrono, and multi lap timer. It actually has an arc at the 3 o'clock position that tracks the + / - times from lap to lap. The watch keeps perfect time, and the functions seem to work, but the hands seem to zero at the 9 o'clock position instead of the 12. The calendar, which is represented by the dates shown on a chapter ring from roughly 12 to 6, when attempting to set, jumps from the 3 o'clock position to the 9 o'clock position. The watch seems to think the 31st is at 3 o'clock and because it is the last date, it jumps to the start (which is at the 12, but the hand goes to the 9 o'clock position). Its almost as if the mechanism is 90 degrees off of where it should be. I assume their is a function which will allow me to reset the home position of the hands to 12 o'clock, but I have not been able to figure it out yet. Does anyone have any information regarding this model that they could share with me? Any operation manuals around or any other sources you can recommend? Just to give more detail on the model, it has a white dial, with three sub dials (2 round plus the arc) and the face has a green and checkered flag on it. Any help would be much appreciated.
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