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  1. I think it's fairly safe to assume that you went for the SKX007!
  2. Very cool 007 & & a terrific collection!
  3. Current prices on very original watches is easily in the 800-1000 dollar range, if you want a clean one with box and papers thats easily 1200-1500 and up. Mine is a one owner box and papers watch from 1973 so it still has the Seiko 'horseshoe' case back, it owes me about $1700-00 after a full service, regulation, re-lume and the only non original part a sapphire crystal....it's easily one of my favourite watches (that includes me considering Rolex and Omega that I own/owned). Happy hunting....
  4. Hi Jay! Like you, this is my first post. The Orient Esteem series are very nice watches. I have the similar FDB08005W which has the Arabic numbers on the face. I've had it since May and it runs about a minute fast a month which is not bad at all! It's a great dress watch. My model has the advantage of having luminous hands, so if you're wearing it late into the evening, you can still see the time. If you wear long-sleeved shirts with fairly tight cuffs, you might have a problem, but other than that, you should be good. I'm not sure about the exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollar, but I got mine on sale for $125 US from Long Island Watch. They carry several versions of the Esteem, so you may want to check them out! The regular price for mine is slightly above what your model is selling for. This series is slightly larger than say, the Seiko 5 watches, but not overly large. I have small 6 7/8 wrists and it looks just fine. I'd say go for it!
  5. Orient Excursionist Automatic Mens Dual Time Watch FE06001K FFE06001K Orient Gents Black WR 100m Day Date Automatic Dial Watch EV0R001B DH00001W FDH00001W0 | Orient Automatic Watches & Reviews | Orient Watch USA watches88. ORIENT Classic Automatic GMT World-Time Power Reserve CFA02001B watches88. ORIENT STAR Classic Power Reserve GMT Automatic Collection SDJ00002W (WZ0051DJ) watches88. ORIENT Automatic Classic Multi-Year Calendar EU03002C
  6. The cheapest I've seen it is $450 and I'd say that's easily $300 too much.
  7. I've been looking around for a vintage-looking brown band for a particular watch. All I've seen have been a preponderance of those irksome gator-hide pattern bands. I wanted a smoother finish band. As a consequence of my recent unsuccessful (I'm on a budget) brown band hunting expedition, I'd recommend going with a handful of various color NATO style bands. They can be swapped out in heartbeat, and if your the sensitive-type, color can be selected according to your current mood. You're on the right track by doubting your choice of that band. Give it over to auction, sale, or better yet, to the dog for a new chew-toy treat. .... sorry ...
  8. Neither actually Tom. They're both a bit busy for my liking.....sorry !
  9. I haven't had a problem because I followed the instructions.. It is well documented advice when setting date on watches with quick set feature..
  10. My Blue says welcome to the club and the best of luck to your willpower in not succumbing to the urge to add more. They are quite addictive.
  11. After owning the Bambino for one year plus with light use. Watch is still in pristine condition w/o scratches. However, recently noticed that the crown has some issues - it will pop up by itself to date adjustment position for no good reason. Comparing to cheap Seiko 5 watch, Orient's crown seems to be easily pulled out, while Seiko's crown takes more effort to pull out.
  12. Anyone know if this has lum at night ?
  13. If you don't know which Orient watches are made in Japan, how can you tell that Orient watches made in Japan are better quality? (It's unlikely that any are, by the way. Perhaps Royal Orient models? But even then I'd doubt it.)
  14. Just last week I saw a photo of a yellow Mako and I was sad that they weren't available. Just secured mine. I guess that Rodina I was going to order will have to wait!
  15. Also another question... I have found a great looking orient star with the same qualities that I like from the bambino... It's a little more expensive. Given the choice, are orient stars better to go for than just regular orients? All help and comments appreciated
  16. Just a quick question: Are all of the Orient Star metal bands the same, aside from the Retrograde, new Standard-Date and Skele?
  17. matte18

    Orient Mako vs Ray

    Honestly you can't go wrong withe either. Here's my BlueRay
  18. Sounds broken as Orients are quick to reach full power when walking and wearing (a few hours). Going from 40 to 15 after 24hrs is good: 40-24=16.
  19. While you can never know if its fully charged, since there is no power reserve indicator, but I'd say wear it and it should be good enough. How long? depends on how active you are. If you sit at the desk all day - it would take a while. If you move a lot - it can be fully wound in an hour - Orient makes very efficient winding system. But if you like the watch - why just not wear it all the time? Or get a watch with a power reserve indicator, - like M-Force, for example.....
  20. That's a nice looking blue dial with a cool complication. Congrats on your first Orient!
  21. I have the Orient air diver w/silicone strap on order... could not find a great deal on the titanium bracelet model--anyhow, looking for a decent 23MM titanium bracelet I can swap out with. Looks like Citizen makes one that might fit, but they are going for $150 + on Ebay. I have a request in to Orient to see if I can purchase one directly, but have not heard back yet. Anyone know where I might find a decent 23MM titanium bracelet? Thanks!
  22. Glad to hear that you like it. I've no complaints at all about the bracelets of my Rays but the end links on the blue one leave something to be desired though I suspect that I'm partly to blame for it.
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