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  1. So the Mako XL and Mako II are the same products??
  2. wow, simply amazing! the gunmetal case is really stand out
  3. The Blue Ray on rubber is the one I have. The blue is dark and is flexible in terms of dress. I also have a yellow Mako. Love it as well but not as flexible. When I have on the yellow I'm aware that I have it on. It says look at me. The ray whispers. The black mako is perhaps the next watch. Perhaps.
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    I'm very impressed with Orient's lume. When I'm camping or have a hectic on-call work period, my Mako watch stays on my wrist 24 hours a day. Nice when I can stay under the warm covers and turn my wrist to see the time in a nice mild glow anytime during the night. No uncovering my head to the cold to look at a alarm clock. Note that glow is easily readable into the morning hours. I believe the lume always has a glow to it, just impressive!
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    I've always been quite impressed with the lume on my Mako. Orient does it right with their divers.
  6. Hello there, It was my wedding present from my father in law over 20 years ago and I don't know what to think but they stopped being reliable the same year I divorced (couple years ago) lol. So these require service or repair.. I looked up on feebay and found several similar watches with asking prices from $40 to $200. Interesting enough I haven't seen any watch that have crystals as mine. I was thinking to put them up to sale but would like to gather some info first. Is this something interesting or run off the mill watch with no value? thanks
  7. I like the "decentrique dials". Enjoy your new acquisition.
  8. Hell yeah, that is good for a new Rolex!
  9. Nice! I recently bought the old one, but think if both models would have been out when I bought mine I might have gone for this newer version, I don't know why, but I really like roman numerals on the dial and I like the details on the dial a little more than the old one, just not sure about the blue on the sun and moon dial part.
  10. I decided to dive into my watch today only to find out I don't know how to remove the movement. I have removed the crown and the screw down calendar wheel but I do not know how to remove the day pusher or the gear which turns the calendar wheel. I believe both of these need to be removed before the movement will slide out. Any ideas? Thank you. Mark
  11. Hi, "limited" means that certain number of watches was produced. Usually there is limitation number engraved on back or on case. And of course they are much more sought after by collectors.
  12. True, the caliber 40 is 21,600 bph and it's in no way an equal to the calibre 88, in terms of finishing as well as accuracy also, not just the beat rate. One of the reasons I am reluctant to pay so much for what is basically an Orient Star with better polishing and slightly different case specs whereas in the older line of "Royals" with 88 calibre, the difference was enough to warrant the extra spending.
  13. I didn't get a reply from him yet.
  14. The Mako looks O.K. but not the Pebble. Both look better in their original format.
  15. @dan Many thanks for your input. Both Orient Stars are newly bought a few weeks ago. The 2010 semi-skeleton watch does build up power slower than the 2014 modern skeleton. Well, not sure if the 2010 watch is sitting in the shop for too long without moving, and the spring is stiffer. Clueless. I will monitor it. @grad Thank you for the input! I have no issues with manual winding though. All build up power to full very fast. I manual-wind everyday until I come across the WUS forums on my quest to build my very tiny watch collection. Most ppl recomemnd no need to maual wind (since the winding stem is weaker than those on the manual winding watches), so now I just shake a few times to get the watches moving when I want to wear them out.
  16. I personally think Orient Star watches are made to a quality above the price point. I use to think similar to you, having an Orient Ray and Disk and thinking is an OS really worth the extra, once i purchased the Star Seeker it was all over, build quality is well above the standard Orient pieces (not saying the standard pieces have poor quality), the movements are superior. Overall great pieces are to be had from the Orient Star line
  17. Whats so special about them? I was hoping for a complete re-design, maybe bring back some vintage M-Force ideas. But they look like pretty much same thing with a slight changes. I'll pass.....
  18. If the case had saltwater in it, even if it started running again the next day, I think you probably dramatically shortened the lifespan of your watch.
  19. Love the colours and the Roman dial. It's such a good watch for the price! Not for me though as the fact it looks like it has a 1 in the 4, 7 and 11 positions annoys me. I can't unsee it.
  20. Thanks so much for your extensive and detailed answer! Your watch looks gorgeous and exactly how I imagined it would look. I guess I opted for only exchanging the bezel since it appeared to me that that would involve the least work. Exchanging the entire housing is an option as well (especially from a cost perspective it doesn't really seem to matter), but it will involve opening the case, removing the crown(?) etc... things I am not familiar with and which I would avoid if possible. The ray seems to be difficult to get at the moment, so maybe you/someone knows whether the same can be done with the Mako USA? Regarding the crystal: I definately prefer the crystal to sit a bit heigher than the bezel, as it is easy to polish the crystal in case of any scratches. I didn't know that the height of the ray's crystal is a bit less though, which seems to be a bit more elegant and would have my preference over the mako crystal height (which didn't really bother me in the first place btw). Both (mako & ray) would have my preference over the Mako USA's crystal height. Thanks again mate, much obliged! -Joost-
  21. He stated he has had it for less than a year. Guessing no warranty, obviously.
  22. I don't understand, what could possibly be gained from unscrewing your crown (even though it wasn't pulled out) while purposely submerging your watch to clean it? That comes under the category of "asking for it" IMO...
  23. Hi all, I have an Orient watch rated at 100m water resistant and has a screw-down crown. Today I was just washing my watch using tap water and soap after doing a day of outdoors work and unscrewed the crown while I was washing it (but didn't pull out the crown). I thought that it would still prevent water going in as long as I don't pull out the crown. I gave it a thorough wash while the crown was unscrewed placing the water in the crown to wash off all the dirt. I didn't really give it much thought unscrewing the crown, as long as I didn't pull it out I thought it's fine...but now I'm not too sure...Did water just get inside my unscrewed screw-down Orient if even though I didn't pull out the crown....? This is my first automatic watch which I saw on sale on Amazon so I don't know much about screw-down crowns... someone please enlighten me...
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