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    Watch Fog

    I'm no expert at all. But. If there's enough moisture getting into the watch to cause condensation, then I imagine the movement will quickly be damaged.
  2. matte18

    Family photo

    Family photo, SOTC, call it what you will. I wanted to share my collection that I have curated with the community that has taught and entertained me so much over the years. Love them all and each one bought at a milestone in my life so each holds a special sentimental value.
  3. I never could buy it. Although, I tend to mind the "great watch" is a serious candidate in every ranking.
  4. Love the stepped dial! Does anybody know of any crown changes for the Speedmaster? I once bought a movement from a 2000's Speedmaster complete with it's and when I compare that new crown to my old Speedmaster the crown on my speedmaster is much smaller . David
  5. If you can have any GMT, a Rolex is the one to have. Love omega, but it doesn't compare to the BLNR. In my opinion, that is.
  6. Great idea, thanks for sharing.
  7. matte18

    Wearers Opinions

    Someone recently posted a thread with the white PO with the gray bezel. It looked kind of neat. If you're looking for a white watch, you may also want to consider an Omega GMT Great White.
  8. matte18

    WRUW, Thu Aug 27

    Well I have never started this kind of thread. Here we go. Let's see them. Have GREAT Day!!!
  9. I tried on a three-hander rose gold PO with the bracelet. It made the stainless 2201.50 feel like titanium by comparison. But gorgeous, truly!
  10. What does this mean, exactly? (excuse my ignorance!)
  11. matte18

    SMPc vs PO?

    Agree with the above, PO is a cool looking watch but would not look right on me either. SPMc is a really nice an versatile watch with various straps and bracelets. I have the black SMPc but actually wish I had gotten blue. It's my "weekend watch" so I'd like blue for a more casual look and I'm more of a blue guy anyway.
  12. I don't know them well, but they do have lots of parts in stock (it's how they build their 300s), so if anybody would have the part, it would be them. You can also check with Otto Ofrei. But without a model number or part number, it would be nearly impossible to navigate his online warehouse. Good luck and post the results with pics if it works out. Sent via Tapatalk
  13. Thank you very much everyone for your comments .......... in my collection is my first JAEGER and I am more fascinated with him and more as only 100 pieces worldwide !!!!!... .......... so I do not understand because JAEGER not put any information on their website as it has done with editing and TIDES OF TIME VALENTINO ROSSI ........ if anyone knows the JAEGER mail, they are going to thank! In my collection I have AP's, and ZENITH BREGUET
  14. The JLC ultra-thin calibers are the basis for movements that have been used by VC (caliber 1120), AP (caliber 2120) and PP (caliber 28-255) for years. Ultra-thins have inherent problems keeping consistent rates for several reasons, one being the balance wheel is usually smaller. The JLC balance wheel is bigger than the Zenith allowing it to be more accurate due to rotational mass. Please don't ask me to explain the math though - I don't grasp it completely. The analogy I was given was to imagine a Pinto and a Mac truck driving down the street with shopping carts being pushed in front of both vehicles. Which one's speed will be impeded more - the smaller or larger vehicle? Another problem is the mainspring. It has to be thinner and therefore will provide less torque. Efficiency and finish really come into play with the transfer of power from the weaker mainspring through the wheel train to the escapement, and JLC does a better job in this department. Also, the tolerances are tighter on the JLC a lot more labor goes into their movements in terms of final quality control of the timekeeping rate (so I'm told). The JLC is also easier to service - one or two watchmakers I know consider it a pleasure to work on. Bottom line is they're both good movements and priced accordingly.
  15. Hey, the same watches as in the high-end section.... Again,... thx for sharing.
  16. Very nice aquisition. I tried one on a couple of months ago and it was beautiful.
  17. Thank you for your thoughts, Sam. I am sorry about the lack of pictures, but I dont have the tools to open the watch. I have seen the movement when I bought it. Yes, 839 and 849 are very similar, but 849 has an extra jewel and the bridge is a bit different. My MUT has 19 jewels, like the 849, but it dosent have 50 atm wr on the case(just the fish, so I guess it's 30 atm) and the screws are not blued.If it's an 849, it's from the first/second year of production, so I was wondering if this is how 849 looked like in its early period. If other members have an information, please share. Thank you.
  18. I don't own either but from everything I've seen, read and heard, the reverso is the superior timepiece.
  19. Paintings of any kind in general on a full dial, just doesn't do it for me. Regardless how amazing the painting is. Even if Van Gogh or Monet himself painted a picture on the dial, I would still not like it (not that I wouldn't have it, it'd be worth a fortune! ). It just doesn't feel like a watch. The artwork is too much of a distraction for the functioning of a watch. It somehow feels cheap and reminds me of kids' watches. Just my 2 cents. If art on a full dial is for you, then all the power to you.
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