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  1. Both are great in their own right. When comparing to your two current watches I feel Compressor will fit better between the two as in between dress and sporty. One point to note though. Compressor is one of the few models in Compressor or Control line up which haven't had a design refresh in recent years and I think it has started to show. Compare versus, eg, Compressor Chrono or GMT and you will notice their more modern bezel lines and bigger and bolder numerals. My guess is, and it is pure speculation, there will be a newer Compressor Geographic model in 2012. Just to keep it in mind i
  2. Very nice watch. Good luck on the restoration
  3. Congrats...Beautiful watch....Those are in limited supply here in the US.
  4. Finally! It's stunning! You've definitely pulled the trigger on the other???
  5. wise decision sir .. and it looks gorgeous sitting on your wrist Cheers nishant
  6. And if you don't mind me jumping in, I'm looking for a Compressor Geographic so we could add that to the group buy as well.
  7. Rendez-Vous Collection : When invention meet s creativity Echoing the encounter between Diane Kruger and the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Rendez-Vous collection pays eloquent tribute to the personality of this stellar actress. Her innate grace, her cosmopolitan spirit and her choices inspired the feminine world of Jaeger-LeCoultre. More than a watch, Rendez-Vous embodies a free-spirited and spontaneous personality that is constantly reinvented and perpetually surprising. Behind the regular beat of its Manufacture movement lies a concentrated blend of the creativity that has per
  8. JLC is many notches superior to Omega offerings ... Go for JLC !! .. 42mm will look at home on ur wrists under 7 ... Cheers!
  9. Gleung, Congratulations! What a beautiful watch. I own the Black face Master Moon from the Master Control 1000 hours series. It is by far the nicest watch I own, but I am coveting yours. I have very large wrists (think gorilla) and could use the extra 3 MM. (insert joke) Congrats again!
  10. Thank you very much and sorry I did not know that . I will try to be more careful. Anyhow, I am totally clueless the only estimation I got was from a british firm that i cannot remember the name at about 1500 euro. I just want some help to learn what i have in my hands and were to refer to for guidance thats all. I totally agree with those rules and im not looking to retire by selling the watch :D im still young thank god.
  11. Two hander. Grande MUT 41 mm / 7.4 mm available in steel or pink gold.
  12. Definitely better readability, but the price point is too high for what I'm looking for.
  13. i think that sounds quite interesting. first maybe get an authorised Jaeger person to open the watch and check what you would actually see if there was a sapphire caseback. On some watches (soft iron core watches, models with airbag shock protection) you might be surprised what you actually get to see. now i'm curious too : )
  14. Wow. I wonder which watch in this crazy world will be the first to break the billion mark? That one seems to be getting close.
  15. Thanks! I felt such an instant connection with this watch, similar to when I got my SMP. This is definitely a keeper, lifetime watch. I also suspect it's not my last Reverso. I've wanted a duoface for a while, and I think ultimately I want a full gold reverso and one in steel. Maybe a Gran Sport in steel and gold for the duo.
  16. Hi all, Firstly I'd like to say it's been extremely fun and enlightening reading threads on this forum I've fallen in love with the JLC master control and have decided to go ahead with getting some credit card debt! Will be heading over to Japan and Malaysia at the end of the year and was wondering if anyone has experience buying JLC's from either countries? Can you get better deals there compared with other places? Thanks!
  17. That is just awesome. I echo the other reply at this point and request pictures! Where do you search for deals? I check wis-market, watch-recon, chrono24, but thats it. I keep telling myself no new watches till my portfolio equals x, but if I saw a good deal on a Master Grand Ultra Thin (black dial) I might not be able to restrain myself....
  18. I'd definitely go for the JLC, I don't like the attention or sigma that comes with Rolex ownership haha. In terms of resale value Rolex is probably your best bet. I'd recommend trying on both watches then deciding. P.S. I think you should also consider the Submariner! :)
  19. The OP has posted this same question about the two watches shown on at least 3 other watch forums and received the answer that the Memovox is a ref E11013 (not an E855, though it bears a striking resemblance). If you look carefully at the back, you'll see that it is a manual wind (cal 911) not a bumper auto like the E855.
  20. This is something to post on the buy/sell forums, not here. This is the link: Watches - Private sellers and Sponsors
  21. If you prefer you can also sell here in this forum or auction sites.. If you state condition clearly is buyers job to find service!
  22. I'd recommend Zaf Basha in Washington DC, he's pretty much the authority on vintage JLC watches and should be able to take care of this. The 1300 Wrench on the back means that the case is a monocoque and the only way to open it is to use a crystal lifter and remove the crystal. Another option is to send it to JLC for a restoration, however, this would cost around 2500 dollars and be more than the value of the watch, but then again the job they do is immaculate.
  23. I was just thinking the same thing - better selection due to their reluctance to negotiate On the other hand at Shapur down the street they had this beauty and were open to a little negotiation... Too bad I already have a ROO - rubberclad with the most recent iteration Of the dial...(sigh) Current Collection: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubberclad A Lange Sohne Lange 1 Platinum Jaeger LeCoultre AMVOX II DBS Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control Chronograph IWC Portuguese Automatic BR 01-94 Phantom XXX/50 Rolex Deep Sea Seadweller 2012 Rolex Double Red Seadweller 1976
  24. Hi, I just purchased a pre-owned JLC MUT Moonphase 39 from a local watch shop for a pretty decent price ($6k out the door). It is pristine with no scratches that can be seen with the naked eye, and it running about +1.5 seconds a day. Has all documents and paperwork, but the one thing i have a question about is the information on the Guarantee Certificate. The Authorized Retailer just has JLC's corporate address in new york. The owner of the watch shop said that the watch was purchased from one of his clients directly from JLC. Does anyone know if the JLC label on the Authorized Retail
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