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  1. These are the after service pictures, the case was cleaned not polished. I decided to reward my Speedy for years of putting up with my abuse with a Thomas Preik sapphire case back. The movement looks great but the watch does not wear the same now.
  2. Resurrecting this old thread to post some pictures for STEELINOX, and wikeman. Unfortunately photography is not my forte. The camera flash seems to show more white and brighten the hands and indices. To the naked eye they have some healthy patina.
  3. STEELINOX you knocked me off the fence in record time, character stays ! Edit: Will post pictures when I get it back from it's overhaul minus polishing.
  4. I am the happy owner of a Speedmaster Pro purchased in the late 70's. It's had four cleanings in that time, no repairs and NEVER been polished. The patina of the hands and dial face is very nice imo and the lume surprisingly shines brighter than my 1997 Rolex Sub. Now the time has come for a major overhaul and since the case has 30+ years of wear and tear I am tempted to have it cleaned up. My watch man is very established, has both Omega and Rolex accounts with top of the line refinishing machines and assures me metal loss will be microscopic and minimal. Inspite of usually being a rather decisive person I'm on the fence with this one. Resale is not an issue since I plan to pass this timepiece on to my son. Given that I'm pleased with the patina under the crystal and have no desire to replace the dial or hands, will a polish bringing it close to new status look odd ? I've been reading all the pros and cons over the years and would appreciate some personal opinions. Regards, Mark.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts Dream99, and congrats on a fine choice, I test drove the Speediorite while purchasing my Daytona and can not stop thinking about it. It is officially my new grail but unless I win a lottery or sell a kidney, it will be a couple of years before I can buy this stunning LE. (used of course) Just out of curiosity I'm wondering what the resale values are on other Limited Edition Speedmasters ? I ask because my searches revealed some cotroversy and scepticisim regarding LE Speedmaster Pros, which personaly I feel are unwarranted. The Speedy Meteorite truely is a masterpiece, the pictures as good as they are do not do it justice, and it is unforgetable ! (and in case anyone is wondering, yes for a split second I thought of leaving the Daytona behind for the Speediorite)
  6. I recently had the pleasure of handling an Omega LE Apollo/Soyuz Speedmaster Meteorite dial. From what I could see through the protective plastic on the dial, it looks AMAZING ! The price was amazing too, $9350. Canadian, with no wiggle room, higher than I expected, twice as much as a basic MOTM. I did a search and found the information limited, no pun intended. I love this Speedy, my new grail perhaps, and am wondering what the thoughts are on this particular LE, my search results led me to believe that resale on the LE's left a lot to be desired. (except for the Snoopy's) Thanks in advance, Mark.
  7. Beautiful watch and pictures. Love the allogator strap, how does it handle perspiration issues in the heat of the summer ?
  8. Must stop visiting Omega forum, must stop visiting Omega forum, must stop......
  9. impalass

    WatchCo Omega

    Thanks for the quick replys guys. I've had some major screw ups with Canada Customs in the past with hard to find car parts. They can be a PITA to say the least and ended up co$ting me dearly for no good reason. As eager as I am to pull the trigger, I'm going to give it some more time and explore buying second hand in Canada. Another option might be having my watchman build one for me, have not brought it up yet. Will keep you posted, thanks again.
  10. impalass

    WatchCo Omega

    For years I've been itching for a WatchCo Omega Seamaster 300 nos/repoduction 1960's vintage diver. Have read all the search results, pros and cons, from a couple of forums and I'm considering rolling the dice. The one question I have'nt had any luck with is what to expect from Canada Customs regarding an Omega from Australia ? How big a $$ hit can I expect, and this is my OCD working overtime, could customs decide the watch is fake, not understanding nos, or reproduction with original parts ? Any imput, positive or negative will be appreciated.
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