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  1. I saw that movement once, inside mid-size Datejust I believe, and I can guarantee that it`s legit.
  2. Welcome to TRF! This is one of the most interesting posts recently!Congrats on that!
  3. vukotab

    new arrival...

    Wow, that`s real beauty! Congrats on that!
  4. vukotab

    My new baby

    My name is Bond. James Bond. Congrats on your purchase, I had it once and it was one of the finest sport watches that I ever had! Wear it in a good health!
  5. No need to worry, my Tudor (with ETA 2824-2 inside it) changes date approx. at midnight, while my dad`s Breitling (with same movement) changes it few minutes later. More important thing is that BOTH of them runs within COSC specs (and Tudor isn`t even certified!) Enjoy your great Omega!
  6. Great pictures, love that Reduced Speedy! And it`s size is 37mm!
  7. Wow, that Bond is a beauty! But, SD is still SD! (well, it`s still Rolex forum, right? )
  8. Of course it`s not a fashion brand. O.K., Bond loves it, but those guys at Omega are really serious about watchmaking! And Omega has great history, don`t forget what was Neal Armstrong wearing during his "great leaps" for mankind!
  9. Hi, and welcome to TRF! I almost got one of these PO`s myself last year, that`s really serious timepiece!
  10. vukotab

    PO liquid metal

    Great watch, looks really unbreakable! Congratulations!
  11. Yeah, Speedy Pro is really something special...true classic! I had it for couple of months and I was amazed with it`s robustness and quality!
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