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  1. nice, nice, enjoy your watch. love it on the bracelet. I had no idea country western finger-picking style was popular in sweden?
  2. Great review and love the side by side comparisons. Seems like anyone who chooses either can't go wrong at all.
  3. I use the Omega springbars for rubber straps, ome-spring-bar-03
  4. Pictures with more natural lighting...
  5. Don't know if it lasts longer but on my Explorer, Explorer II and Tudor Ranger, the lume lasts all night.
  6. Does Lexus have some affiliation with Rolex for these Daytona models? Because I swear I see a Lexus symbol at the 7 position.
  7. I think the novelty of two submarines will quickly fade even though one is TT and the other SS. I'd say your options are A) buy the TT datejust B) sell the SS sub to buy the TT sub or C) keep your current collection and look for another watch.
  8. mytime

    IWC Pilot Ref Help

    Looks like a GST IW3707 with titanium case and bracelets. From those low res photos, the case and the bracelet seem to have the quality of a real IWC. My only concern is that pictures I found on the web show the words "International Watch Co. Schaffhausen" engraved on the caseback (see below), and I don't see it on your photo.
  9. yeah looking at that thread that was linked above the BP is not one of those watches that can be worn on smaller wrists, personal opinion of course but to me those pics in that thread look like a 7 year old has stolen daddy's watch. You either have the wrist size for it or not, shame though i think the watch is stunning but my 6.75" wrist wouldn't take it.
  10. For it to be even a fake, it should at least remind of an actual IWC-PD model, which it doesn't. The crude bracelet in itself is testament to poor manufacturing standards.
  11. I already decided. I'm going to get Santoni strap at IWC boutique. I think it looks great and every strap is unique. From IWC forum:
  12. If you like it, go for it. As to worth, money has no real worth either.
  13. I hope you have already determined if it is real or not. Looking at your photo, I agree that the 3 o'clock marker appears to be slanted downward a bit. The 12 o'clock triangle looks fine to me, although the 6 o'clock marker appears to sit slightly to the left, not perfectly centered between the two second half-batons. It also appears that the sweep second hand is more squared at the tip than the one in the IWC website photo. And the red date triangle is not pointed at the center of the "17" as it should be, in contrast to how the red triangle points at the center of the date in the IWC website picture; moreover, the date window should show only 3 full numbers, not 2 full and 2 partial. I guess if the date indicator were properly aligned, the window would only show the 16, 17 and 18, so maybe for some reason the date has not yet fully changed over at the presumed 2:50 AM time pictured; but that seems strange. Finally, though internet pictures can be deceiving due to lighting, angles, etc., when I compare your photo to the enlarged Mark XVII photo on the IWC website, the bezels look different in that the IWC bezel appears to have more facets, nuances, and angles to it, whereas the case/bezel in your photo looks flatter and less faceted, if that makes sense. But it is quite possible that the bezel differences are only perceived rather than real. As for the minor position defects in the 3 and 6 o'clock dial markers, the second hand, and the off-centered red date indicator, if those are indeed real and not just perceived due to photo angles and lighting and an incomplete date change, well all that is a bit odd and certainly worth investigating. I know I'd be concerned. I hope you get it sorted out and post your conclusion, as I'm very curious about this too.
  14. Wow! Were they for my exact model? Or were they Ingenieur straps in general without specifying which model they were for?
  15. IWC AMG Titanium Chronograph Strap Advice desperately required! I have a IW3725-04 (or is it 03 I have no idea). I really want to change the strap. The watch came with a synthetic strap that was always cracking. It cracked so often that IWC replaced it for free twice during my 1st 2 years of ownership. I eventually purchased the titanium bracelet, but now I want to change the look of the watch. I would like to put it on rubber or matte black leather, but I cannot find any strap makers for this model watch at all! Does anybody here have any advice or experience?? This is the model I have I do not wear it much anymore since my daytona and AP get more wrist time. But this was my 1st real watch and it has alot of meaning to me. I believe changing the strap would make it feel completely different.
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