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  1. I have seen some that where teribely stretched out but still holding on. That being said i am sure there is a point where the band is compromised.
  2. I have seen them put together on videos in about 10 min. IDK if this is speeded up or edited though?
  3. Love that PO.. And my package arrived. I am so happy with it.. :) it is a great replacement for my Sub.. I miss the Sub dearly but this SMP rocks...
  4. Great pics guys. Tools that Kevlar looks sweeeeet.
  5. I am very inpatiently wateing for a SMP 2255.80 right now and would like some SMP pics to hold me over..
  6. Get the Omega better resale value IMO better design,history,and ruggedness. To me tag is much less watch for the money..
  7. Nice shots love the Keys and love the watch...
  8. If you like it get it. But if it is a compromise you will always wish for the other..
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