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  1. i skipped the speed, also i was gettting my wife a dj for our 15th year anniversaruy yesterday and she does not want it. so the DSSD funds just doubled.
  2. what dco you think about this model? I can get a new one from my ad for$2600? should I? I love the watch and have been wanting an omega PO chrono for as while but i got a daytona instead, so that one out. the speed is not the coax movement is that bad? this would be my first omega. or should i just put the money in my DSSD saviongs fund. thanks
  3. the watch is on the silver band
  4. the discount is because it was returned, and they cannot sell it new now. if the watch was the orange bezel i would have snaged it already, but the black is growing on me. seems like a deal, but is it a to good to pass up deal? that is the question. lol.
  5. I can get a new PO chrono 45mm one for $2900.00 is this a good price? i ask cause i dont want to turn around in a year or two and have a watch that is worht less then a third of what i paid for it. i love the watch though. seems to be a good daily beater. thanks
  6. Buschy

    breitling ?

    thanks great responses.
  7. Buschy

    breitling ?

    A guy say my daytona and said that breitling is way better and way less expensive. seriously? I don't understand. I like osme breitlings too but after doing a lot of reading, is there any thing like rolex, I mean they are tried and true right? They also hold their value or increase, right? do any other timepieces do this? and is rolex the only make that all theirpieces are"waterproof" instead of water resistant? thanks
  8. I only have two now, a green and my daytona.. I wear the green 24/7 its awsome.
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