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  1. Thanks guys, can't wait. "hollow ground screw driver" ? Please explain hollow ground.
  2. Hi, I have an incoming Explorer 39mm 214270 and inevitably I will need to remove one, maybe two of the Oyster bracelet links. I have a flat 7.5 inch wrist. What are the screw sizes in millimetres? Do they unscrew in the normal rotation i.e. counter clockwise? Does the screw have a nut on the other end or is the seating embedded in the lower outside link? There is no Rolex dealership in my home town and I will not send it away for re-sizing either. I have done this before on the older type bracelet several years ago, but my memory isn't so good.
  3. I am not sure what you are looking for Jesper. As Mike points out there are differences in the font, For instance the words 'Oyster Perpetual Date' seem to be different. The spacing between the words seems almost double spacing on the 2 tone model.. Maybe its just the camera angle, I don't don't know. If you have concerns about the authenticity of these models, maybe you should take the lids off and check out the movement. Rolex movements are fantastic to look at with a very high degree of workmanship. Its the only real way of verification these days.
  4. Do they have the same type of lume?
  5. There are different types of Loctite. You should use the low binding Loctite 222. A few seconds blast with a gas torch may do the trick.
  6. Thanks Jeff! My eyesight isn't so good and I didn't spot the slots inside the clasp. Yup all fixed now and have a perfect fit. Thanks for your help.
  7. The previous Oyster bracelet had micro adjustment holes along the clasp, but the new one on my 214270 has a link that can be folded underneath the clasp and no micro adjustment holes along the side of the clasp. On the older bracelets, the micro holes had a springbar and it was easy to remove so the the bracelet could laid flat. My question is how does one separate the clasp link from the bracelet with this model? It seems to me there is no way to release the clasp anymore, so I now have just two alternatives: REMOVE THE WATCH FROM THE OYSTER BRACELET AT THE LUGS USING A BERGEON SPRINGBAR TOOL REMOVE ONE OF THE LINK SCREWS USING A 1.6mm screwdriver. Which option the best solution?
  8. Please enllghten me here. What is the BAR rating for a Speedmaster with the acrylic glass? I would guess 5 is enough to swish it around under a tap for a clean once in a while? Anyway I would've thought anyone with a Speedmaster which is/was built and designed for aeronautics and space would take it off before ablutions and think twice before swimming or snorkeling with it on their wrist. Wearing it in a hot shower? Nearly as incomprehensible as a guy I read who put his Submariner in his dishwasher. I would love to own a Speedy BTW, a fantastic piece of history, but it would only be worn on special occasions, certainly not in an aqua environment.
  9. Foneguy your PO is very classy and noticeable. I like the rubber as well, especially at the beach.
  10. TARDIS


    I've always been fussy and like to keep my bracelets, particularly the clasp area reasonably scratch free: Not hard to do. 5 minute job every few weeks. Glad I have the rubber strap for aqua hobbies.
  11. TARDIS

    Omega on Top Gear.

    Clarkson is a WIS. I clocked him wearing a Railmaster as well as many others. Hammond favors a Rolex Sub, but sometimes wears other watches including Breitling. I think Captain Slow wears a Glashutte. Might be wrong though.
  12. Haggled with cash and got the tang and buckle rubber strap included.
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