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  1. MCV

    New PO question

    Good info to know all the way around. The new one is a beauty, but I'll have to tolerate my 'old' one for now! Cheers, -Marc
  2. MCV

    New PO question

    'Nightmare waiting to happen?' Please explain. I know the co-ax movements where bothersome at some point. TIA, -Marc
  3. it certainly appears legit given the poor quality of the photos -Marc
  4. While I'm not crazy about either solution, I hate pins and collars, so I vote for the screws. Cheers, -Marc
  5. MCV

    Planet Ocean question

    Thanks, that helps! Cheers, -Marc
  6. MCV

    Planet Ocean question

    I see Planet Oceans for sale where the seller states it's the 'C' or 'D' series of the Cal. 2500 movement. How do you know which series a particular PO has? Nothing in the paperwork says so, I would think it's tied into the serial number? Does anyone know how to correctly ascertain this? I have a Cal. 2500 PO and would like to know. Thanks. -Marc
  7. MCV

    Just in.

    Looks great, that one is on my hit list! Cheers, -Marc
  8. MCV

    Another new SMP

    I know a few here have been acquiring the new SMP ceramic, so I wanted to join in the fun. Here are some quick shots of my new blue SMP-C, love it. Cheers, -Marc
  9. My midsize SMP auto from 2003 always had a hard-to-turn bezel, to the point I barely used it. Conversely, my new SMP-C has a bezel that turns much easier. Can't really explain the difference why. Cheers, -Marc
  10. MCV

    Another new Cal. 8500 PO

    It's kind of in-between, not perfectly matte but looks a bit speckled or grained, it's hard to describe, but it does look cool. -Marc
  11. MCV

    Another new Cal. 8500 PO

    Thanks for the comments, guys, I appreciate it! Cheers, -Marc
  12. MCV

    Another new Cal. 8500 PO

    Just some quick shots of my new Omega PO Ceramic, 42mm, with the Cal. 8500 movement. An exceptional piece, although running on the edge of COSC at +6 (off the wrist, crown up), which seems disappointing to me, we'll see if it 'settles in.' Otherwise, timed out at a superb 64 hour power reserve. Cheers, -Marc
  13. MCV

    First Omega, First Post

    A true classic, congrats! Cheers, -Marc
  14. MCV

    My new SMP ceramic

    Looks great, I'm starting to really warm up to that one. Cheers, -Marc
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