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  1. I have a Tudor Date-Day 94613 its case-back is missing where can I get an aftermarket replacement ?
  2. Thanks for the info. Bummer.
  3. I'd be nervous if there were only play in couple of the hands, but not 1 or 2 of the others...
  4. I voted for the black dial, it's nice understatement. Somehow Pepsi bezels became standard in the four-and-five-digit Rolex world. Look what a simple, elegant beauty the GMT is with the black bezel!
  5. Glad to hear you picked up what is seemingly the first one in the wild! Enjoy!
  6. Here are a couple of quick shots.
  7. Another vote for Explorer II 216570 - BlackJack, 21!
  8. New member as of an hour ago
  9. Love the leather belt. Which one is it? Was it hard to swap?
  10. Very nice! Great to see Rolex updating this line to a sensible size for a men's sportswatch. Enjoy!
  11. +1. It's like you read my mind. I was about to type the same thing word for word. OP: There often comes a time when one is curious about why so many go nuts over Panerai. I was curious too and did see the appeal. In the end my wrist could not handle the Pam I had and off it went to a new owner. My next Panerai will probably be a 42mm or a Radiomir. What gives Panerai its appeal to me was that it was unique and the quick ability to switch straps. I was up to a dozen straps at one point. Coincidentally, I sold the Pam for a SubC. :)
  12. Kawika, The watch is in the RSC as we speak. With regards to Rolex replacing them as a revenue service this is not the case, I will expand more in another post….. Just looking forward to getting it back now. My old Omega that I have reverted back to is nice but it’s not the Rolex. NeedAG, Thanks for the link, I can see how people get “addicted to watches” and why collection grow with all this amazing information. With regards to the other parts I returned the watch with the issue of the watch not holding charge. the dealer had a supposed Rolex accredited watchmaker working there. Surely best practice when a watch doesn’t hold charge would be to at least test it before returning? It looks as if the dealer simply looked at the hairspring, fixed that and chucked it back in the post. I suppose it would be like a garage fixing an issue and not test driving the car. I am learning though what to expect from AD and non-AD. Thanks
  13. That is a lovely watch! I do not know anything about this particular watch, sorry, but IWC is a very reputable brand, and I would say buy it with confidence.
  14. Tough choice here. I am partial to IWC as a brand and lean toward the 5001 between these two. The only thing I don't like is the stark white date wheel that clashes with the warm silver dial. So I would personally choose the black dial 5001. I know that's a nitpicky reason, but it's just one of those things that annoys me. Looks like the date on the GO is done much better. Like you said, the date is plenty legible on the 5001, and I also agree that the movement is nicer in terms of filling out the case back better. In terms of price, I bet you could get a decent discount from an IWC AD.
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