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  1. And Pale Ale on the table, the best beer! Cheers, and: nice photo & nice 114060!
  2. Nobody makes an aftermarket replacement. You'll either have to go to Rolex/Tudor direct or get very lucky on a parts forum.
  3. "Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Watches. 41mm 18K yellow gold case, fluted bezel, gold dial, stick hour markers, and 18K yellow gold Jubilee bracelet. Payments Over 5k will be Discussed Video Shipments To ensure shipment will be available for this high priced item. Thanks Goodluck" "Goodluck" is right ...
  4. I agree the bezel doesn't scale well onto to DJii. Some folks are hoping they bring out a smaller one like they did with the DD. The fluted bezel is a nicer size IMHO.
  5. the bracelet looks like the center links are polished in that middle photo so maybe you don't hate pcl's as much as you though ;P but I think it looks great
  6. Haven't noticed a topic about the Pelagos combos, mostly comparisons with other watches so it seems interesting for the Pelagos happy owners to see how this plain guy could be combined on different straps / bracelets I'll shot first with this and will post other photos in the next weeks. What's great is that due to the Pelagos neutral colour it can be combined with a bunch of different straps / bracelets Looking forward to see yours and be mutually inspired! All the best. Alex
  7. The real question is how close you can get to reputable grey-market prices. The watch is available fairly casually for $2650 (on strap), so the question is how close an AD can get to that. 15% is right about at that point, so I'd consider that an excellent discount. *edit* Although, of course, depending where you are, not paying tax on the grey market can be as much as another 10% discount.
  8. wyiuesdf

    IWC pricing

    Unfortunatelly I did not find anything more recent on this. I was wondering about the ETA restrictions too as I have seen that on a Sinn watch I was looking at also (they moved from ETA to Sellita). Would appreciate if you could post the reponse in case you send the email. While I heard Sellita was manufacturing parts for ETA for many decades and that they do great movements, I think I would prefer the Portuguese with the current movement, guess I need to save faster then Cheers Qwatch
  9. wyiuesdf

    Portofino 8 days manual

    Welcome to the forums!
  10. 25% would be a snap at an AD, if you were established.
  11. That is pretty funny. Yes, I love my Zenith, I have the one with the date at 4 oclock at an angle.
  12. In this case, then yes. You have two Roex sport watches so the IWC would balance your rotation out.
  13. Not a portofino fan myself, I'd stick with what you have
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