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  1. This is very true. Someone much smarter than me once explained this on the forum one time, and I wish I could find the post because it was great. He basically went into detail about why a camera will make close up wrist shots are terrible for showing the way a watch actually looks on your wrist.
  2. I don't mind the oak tree wall of text on the new Tudor Pelagos. The in-house movement also looks really neat. I, however, have a generation 1 Pelagos incoming. I bought it because I'm considering mine a long term purchase. I think the ETA movement will be more inexpensive to service down the road. I also slightly prefer the cleaner dial.
  3. Hi dear watch lovers, After first attempt of buying Tudor black bay and ended up with bad experience but luckily got my money back thru. Paypal, I tried again and this time I received the watch just an hour ago. I read very horror stories about fake Tudor and is kind of hard for someone who hadn't this watch before, also if you are not able to compare it side by side the authentic and fake one is pretty hard to know the watch is authentic. I need your help and expertise to make sure that not ended up with fake watch and if you do recommended that I take it to AD for authenticated the watch I don't mind to do it as well. Here, I will attached few pics of the watch and I hope they are good enough. I do really appreciate your time for helping me to have peace of mind about this beauty, thanks again!
  4. Nice review. This may be my new target. How would you compare the overall build quality to a Damasko?
  5. With the crown halfway out, the hour hand can be set, and every 24 hours of its rotation will advance the date by one day. If the crown is pulled to the fully out position (for time setting) all three hands will advance and you will have to advance to the correct date by advancing the hands 24 hours for each date change. Only "lesser" (and I use that term jokingly because I prefer those for my individual needs) GMT's have a quick change date feature.
  6. Congrats on the Sub! Definitely a good choice, and I'm sure one that you will not regret. I've wanted the regular Sub for the longest time ever, but ever since I went with the Sub Date, its been hard for me to pick the 14060/114060. Aesthetically cleaner, yes. But the date is such a convenience for me (and yes, I've tried relying on my phone prior to this!). In any case, mine says hi!
  7. Cool there is only a couple of us that own Gmt's ! Maybe this means the value is going to go up ? Maybe some will pop up here when the black/blue comes out ? Mike B , Canada ⌚
  8. Your wallet's writing checks your bank account can't cash.
  9. I bought my Aquatimer from Watches of Switzerland (as well as a Cartier for my wife) and they were great to work with and gave what I would consider good discounts.
  10. You know that using capitals is the internet way of yelling? On topic: this looks like a ref. 1876.
  11. Understood, thanks for the help, will check again with the dealer
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