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  1. I agree man! wonderful omega! (but I do prefer the chrono version) enjoy wearing it
  2. really nice omega and photographs man !!!
  3. steveclocks

    XL PO Size

    a very early inheritance
  4. The new Omega is looking good on your wrist man!!! The blue dail certainly looks wonderful. congratz, wear it in good health
  5. beautiful, well done man and congratz
  6. beautiful, well done man !!
  7. Congrats, but we'll be waiting for the photographs Matt !
  8. Beautiful watch man! like the blue
  9. steveclocks


    The Omega Seamaster! Never can go wrong with that one
  10. Looks like you all had a brilliant time
  11. Spotted this one some time ago and must confess I rather like it ....sorry guys
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