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  1. A friend owns this watch and hasn't been able to find any info on it... Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? Model, year, etc.. Thanks in advance
  2. Welcome to the world of Rolex retail. An AD is under no obligation to discount one penny, and in fact, is encouraged not to by Rolex itself. Sure, there are stories all over these forums about how buyers have wrangled discounts under certain circumstances, but if an AD thinks someone else will be in shortly willing to pay full price, then why sell at a discount. Before cutting off your nose to spite your face, you might want to at least wait for a price, as there are advantages with warranty issues that skew towards buying from an AD. But clearly, if you feel so disrespected by the AD's unwillingness to offer a lower price on the spot, then there are, as you've now learned, lots and lots of places, both authorized and not, that will sell the watch to you at a discounted price. There's no need to go into rant mode about just how offended you are at the actions of this particular AD. Some AD's are more liberal than others about their willingness to wheel and deal, especially since you made a recent high end purchase. It's easy for me to say I think they should have budged a bit in your favor, but then I'm not the owner of the retail store. Just either wait to see what they can do, or start looking elsewhere. Then come back and post the his and hers pictures and let us ooooh and ahhhh over the acquisitions.
  3. The oscillating weight is that flat piece that sits on top (actually it's the bottom) of the movement when you remove the case back that revolves around with movement of the watch that 'winds' the watch as in 'perpetual' or automatic. It's also called the rotor. The 'bridge' is a flat piece that holds down various components in the movement. The auto bridge would be the bridge that holds down the auto winding wheels...those are the purpleish Teflon coated wheels/gears that you see under the rotor when it's moved. They move back and forth in both directions as that rotor spins around, sending the energy to the mainspring barrel so the mainspring can store the energy that powers the movement. The crown is the piece you see on the outside of the watch that screws into the casetube and is used to wind or set the time. It's got the logo crown on it, and it's called a crown. How cool is that? What this all means is that from your earlier post, that ding in the case is the result of a really hard knock that damaged some pretty strong internal components. It may have not seemed like much of a bump to you, but to the watch, it apparently resulted in some serious trouble.
  4. jasmineep

    Buying a Mark XVII

    Hi All I'm a relatively new convert to the world of fine watches. I received my Tissot PR50 for my fourteen birthday and it gave me nearly six years of perfect service before it was stolen around three weeks ago. Although I miss it, this has given me the opportunity to start properly considering my first mechanical watch purchase. After having researched and refined my choices over the past few months, I've pretty much settled on an IWC Mark XVII.I've got a weakness for pilots watches, but having a 6 1/4 inch wrist the (relatively) small case diameter is appealing. I've read good things about the 30100 movement and I like that it's not too flashy. I'm naturally rather scruffy and unkempt, so owning a watch as a fashion piece does nothing for my appearance whatsoever. I'm not concerned what my watch says about me. I'm a lover of all things mechanical, so reliability and intricacy fascinate me, and I want a watch that will satisfy both of those requirements I have a couple of questions before I start saving in earnest: 1. Since I use sticks to get around (and will do so for the rest of my life), will the watch be able to withstand the regular impacts of crutch use without shortening its lifespan? 2. Will the watch constantly slide down my wrist as I walk (given the small diameter of my arm)? 3. Should I get leather or metal for the strap? 4. (I'll probably be shot down for asking this) will I regret buying a watch without a movement unique to IWC? Is the Mark XVII just a pretty face over a boring movement, or is it a special watch in it's own right? Thanks very much. I'm not a man of means, and it's not my intention in life to make huge amounts of money. I want a watch which will satisfy me long term and make me smile when I look at it. It's not a purchase I'm making lightly at all. I HAVE considered a number of other watches and have decided against Breitling and Bremont. Nothing to do with the brands themselves. The equivalent watches just didn't appeal to me as much. Just out of interest, does IWC still have any genuine connection with military aviation at all? Or are they just using their past for marketing purposes? PS: I desperately wanted to fly fighters in the RAAF growing up, so I have a feeling it's got to be a pilot's watch.
  5. I have a very tiny wrist (or at least I think) 6.25 in. There are no local stores around me that offer IWCs, or sell pilot style/flieger watches or ANY watches 45mm+. I would like to see a wrist shot of the big pilot on smaller wrists if there are any of you on the forum. =)
  6. Does anyone know is the 2015 Portugieser collection hit the stores already ? Are the newly re-designed watches available ?
  7. I don't think he price is bad. For whatever reason iwc mk pilots don't come for apsale all that often
  8. Can I know how much the santoni strap cost you?
  9. jasmineep

    New IWC Failure

    My thoughts as well. I love the aesthetics of the watch, but it's gotta work! Headed to the AD in a hour or so so fingers crossed.
  10. So it's an early Portofino with a JLC quartz calibre. I like the way that the date is implemented. Congratulations on this beautiful inheritance. I hope you wear it with fond memories.
  11. Agreed. I expect it will be more accurate, but it may take a little time for owners to share their experiences. By the way OP, your English is quite good.
  12. Just comparing your dial to mine looks good.
  13. I've had bad luck with two Vostoks that I attempted to clean, because just water was enough to smudge the paint.
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