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  1. Looks about average for stretch. Definitely not the worst that I have seen. I wouldn't necessarily let bracelet stretch be a deciding factor on a watch purchase. A much worse bracelet than that could be sent to Michael Young for refurbishment. He would send it back in 'like-new' condition for a very reasonable price.
  2. Yes, the Black Bay is a beautiful watch and I love mine! The Black Bay with an inhouse Tudor movement has not yet been announced. Logically, Tudor should at some stage put their inhouse movement in it. In response to your questions: - Will the in-house movement give me a better and more precise watch? - 'better' is subjective. Longer power reserve is a bonus. It will be COSC Chronometer-certified so it will be very accurate but mine is fairly accurate so no worries there with the ETA movement - Should it hold the value better? - I don't think so - Would service be more expensive? - almost definitely yes
  3. I'd start with a reputable watch repair shop familiar with working on Tudor/Rolex. They may have a source that will do plating in a way that's worthy of the brand name. Aged gold plated Tudor watches...Tudor watches without casebacks...what? You bought a storage locker abandoned by a retired watchmaker? Or did you do some drunk bidding on ebay in the middle of the night?
  4. OP you know there are some really well established threads in the Cafe: A generic one: What do you drive? One aimed at more technical people / Gearheads (One of my cars can be found in the second post): Car Nuts Thread
  5. 36mm is too small for my wrist..39 is minimum..cyclop is interesting..i had it on my 16570..
  6. Let's just hope that there's one less fake on the market. Sorry for the complete Off Topic, but I see you are in Budapest. I tried earlier to get some references for a business there, but I didn't get any answers. This doesn't matter to me anymore, since I already got my Aquatimer elsewhere, but I'd still like to know if I missed a good deal just for the lack of references. So I'd be grateful, If you'd have the time to check out my link: Reference check for Watch De Luxe/W.D.L Service Kft in Budapest Cheers, Antti
  7. Man, time flies... I got my BP repaired by Superior in Brooklyn NY. Basically I had wore some parts out. The watch came back like a brand new. They did a fantastic job on it. The lead time was 3 months. I love my BP!!
  8. For me the best is Morozow: morozow on eBay He is certainly not cheap Samun of course, Fialkin77 has a good offer, romantic time, many others...
  9. [table][/tr] 2015/06/16[/td] 08:45[/td] MISSISSAUGA, ON[/td] Item processed[/td] [/td] [/td] [/tr] 2015/05/19[/td] 16:21[/td] MISSISSAUGA, ON[/td] Item has arrived in Canada and was sent for further processing.[/td] [/td] [/tr] [/table] I can say exactly the same for Canada Post: These Canadian guys need a complet overall of their system too. The main difference: sending a watch from Russia with tracking number is 10$ .... but it is $60 for the same from Canada :) More seriously, from my personal experience: I did not have more watches lost by russian post than by canadian post!!!!
  10. UPDATE: I really appreciate all the comments. Guess what? Several days ago I decided to set the watch, give it a good wind, and wear it. It is now keeping good time, and I continue to wear it while moving boxes from storage to my new residence. So, what ever happened to cause it to run very fast, I am not sure it was magnetized. All is well that ends well!
  11. Presumably the photo in the ebay listing was taken from a much earlier ebay listing, prior to the person from whom you bought it. As the watch is in your possession, quite clearly it cannot be the same watch that is for sale. Therefore the seller is selling an item using photos of another item. Unless that detail has been specifically mentioned in the listing, that counts as fraud.
  12. Absolutely love it, but is it a franken or a stock model? The seller even sent a new spare bezel that's much better quality than the one fitted.
  13. Thanks for the response! Hopefully Meranom will restock the GMT Amphibias soon. (I emailed Dmitry and he said that they should be getting them in sometime soon.)
  14. Thanks for the reply... That makes sense, I had seen a few other Slava watches with a silver case and gold hands that are legit so I didn't even suspect this one...but after seeing your watch, it looks like this one is most likely a combination. I haven't purchased it yet, I was just considering it and getting opinions on it. Yes, the fridge is a great watch...I'll find one yet.
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