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  1. I am fortunate to have this one on loan for a few days and even in that short time the Ranger's details have shown through. Most are familiar to some extent with the big picture features such as movement, size and background so I wanted to show a few smaller things that may have gone un-noticed. Take it out of the box and immediately find it is heavier than one would think, it's a solid and well built watch - a tribute to it's adventurer purpose. The supplied camo strap is a polarizing strap and it is thicker than many nato's out there and is woven by the same people that weave the robes for the Vatican. Whether you like it or not, you have to appreciate is construction. Note the vintage inspired Lug Holes - I'm happy right off the bat. A closer examination of the case reveals it's details: The brushed bezel is polished on the outer perimeter. It's thin and not a dominate feature (like the aggressive crown) but is a nice highlight in the light. Speaking of the crown...It's beautifully decorated and it's wide with deep cuts making it very easy to grip. Also note the gap between the crown and case just like on the Black Bay. The crystal is slightly domed and sits a little above bezel. I love the "ridges" or "reflections" in the crystal as it begins to curve to the dome. The dial is not printed, it is painted. Also note the dial surface is matte go support it's tool watch heritage Vintage touches....the "patina" on the painted numbers and markers is perfect. Not too much yellowing like many "faux-tina" dials. It is a light cream and looks just vintage enough. The second hand is not bright red, it is a muted red again a nod to it's vintage heritage. I've had the Ranger only on NATO and one leather strap but can tell this is super versatile watch.
  2. Yes. The same blue lume. To be honest, both are nice. The BLNR does have a chameleon effect for its blue black bezel under different lighting. Its ultimately what you want. Honestly both are excellent.
  3. The explorer is a great watch you will not regret it. It is accurate as are all Rolex watches, and has a look of simple elegance in a way that only an explorer can. Depending on the deal they give you on price and trade value you may consider that a new Rolex watch now comes with a five year warranty from Rolex. I have one and it's a keeper for sure. I find the size perfect for me at 39mm. I also am not a fan of the cyclops lens and don't miss or need the date function. As I rotate between a few different watches It's easier for me to just set the time and go. No need to worry about keeping the date correct.
  4. I just received this in a trade and love it. These should sell like hot cakes when they become available in the coming weeks! Very Genta-ish design, solid build quality, and a very legible dial. To me, anyone interested in an Explorer should look at one of these. Same type of rugged simplicity and legibility, but with a little flash of color and the addition of a PR indicator. Awesome.
  5. Holywoo

    next Watch Advice

    Breitling and TAG sounds nowadays very commercial to me, Omega is a great brand and a solid calibres manufacturer, however I personally think that the moonwatch is iconic if kept into its original design. The 9300 co-axial calibre required omega to use normal thickness cases for the speedmaster to not change the original aspect too much but using a fully rounded and protruding glass back à so when you see the watch from the side the ‘solid’ steel part looks like in the middle of two protruding ‘glass cups’. Is that nice? I think they really overdid trying to mount their most advanced calibre on their best sold watch.. not convince about the result. I am an IWC fan, Pilots watches much stronger design, better bracelets, case, readability.
  6. thanks for the in depth review, great watch with great story, am not a big fan of the topgun logo case back, but everything other than that is very respectful.
  7. Not sure exactly what you mean with bezel trim ring... It does look like the GSTs that I have been looking at while searching for one of my liking. BUT, to quickly change subject and ask a quick question: what is your feel of the GST? Considering purchasing one this week and Im trying to get the feel for the GST 3707.
  8. It's been discussed to death and eternity. Value is in the eye of beholder; eta or no eta, the secondary market says what it says and it is a best seller so don't expect any favours from your dealer of choice. If you like the watch, you have a few options: save more, buy used or buy from a grey market dealer, that's about it.
  9. I just bought a 3717, my grail watch. Since it was 2nd hand, I wanted to time it just to see if it was within COSC spec. After timing it for 5 days, it's running close to a minute fast, about 10 seconds a day fast. Is this normal???
  10. JLC Master Chrono is the obvious alternative. Its beauty is more subtle and not as vibrant. Do try it out to see if you like it though.
  11. Gorgeous watch, especially like the contrast between the rose gold and the sun-dial grey surface. Looks perfect on your wrist!
  12. And if and when IWC does introduce the new caliber 42110 into the 3239, I hope they don't use it as an excuse to jack up the price. It's already expensive, and Nomos and Tudor have shown it's possible to sell at reasonable prices watches with manufacture calibers. And from the photos I saw, the 42110 looks pretty basic and is probably just IWC's planned replacement for a dwindling ETA supply.
  13. I believe the OP is referring to trading the Mark for the new IWC Aquatimer, picture below. Not an Omega Aqua Terra. Just want to make sure that it is clear so that the OP is receiving accurate opinions.
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