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  1. Indeed. I've seen the hardness numbers but can't remember the details off the top of my head. It would be nice if Tudor came out with a grade 5 Pelagos. If I recall correctly grade 5 titanium is slightly harder than SS, but the Pelagos is grade 2 (I'm the guy on another forum that actually called the NY Service Center to find out). My guess is that Tudor uses grade 2 because it's easier for service centers to refinish/refurbish (a micro-brand maker on the DWF stated that grade 5 titanium is extremely hard to finish and work with). On the other hand, the Tudor Advisor is grade 5 titanium... Also, between the 16610 and Pelagos a huge factor to consider is the size difference. I actually prefer smaller 40mm watches, but everything else about the Pelagos made up for its girth.
  2. Beautiful Rolex - and looks great on your wrist! Congratulations, mike.
  3. Thanks all, it is a relatively new watch, being just under two years old, I bought it from a local Authorized dealer and have already contacted them and will be dropping it off at their store and they will be sending it in. This will be the second Rolex I have had to get warranty work on which is a bummer, but when I searched the internet it seems there are some others who reported similar behavior so guess we are not too alone, the watch still keeps ok time though. Here is the post from someone who seemingly has the same or a similar issue http://www.fixya.com/support/t1757727-noisey_explorer_2
  4. The AD called yesterday, August 29th, and said they received one blue Pelagos. Hopefully it's still there on Tuesday.
  5. Oscar

    trusted Ebayers?

    +1 for DavidSW. Save yourself the time and anxiety. His prices are great, there's no question to the authenticity of what he sells, and for a small operation he has great customer service.
  6. Two ideas: Steinhart Marine Officer brown leather strap. Watch Obsession brown Perlon strap using original NATO buckle that comes with your Black Bay. Question for Tudor BB owners with the OEM nato strap. Post 12
  7. Quick back story, I just got into watches not even a year ago and am learning quickly but don't know what to do here. I just (Saturday the 19th) bought my first Rolex ever. Brand new GMT Master II BLNR. (Bought from AD) I'm very proud of it and was showing it off and someone pointed out that the Rolex crown on the crown of the watch was upside down (while the crown was fully screwed down) I though and could just open it spin the crown and maybe it would tighten down in a different position but it doesn't. The logo on the crown is always upside down and it's really getting under my skin. From a brand like Rolex is this acceptable? Should this bother me? Thanks, Wade
  8. Brushed bracelet looks awesome in those pics. Great job.
  9. If you were victim of buying his fake Rolexes, then sure.. Hang him up by his toes... Right next to you for being ignorant and buying one. Funny how infrequently stupid isn't a punishable offense. I'm sorry, but hoping someones house is taken for selling fakes watches is ridiculous. If he was just another low life and not aspiring to be something in the public eye, that arrest never would have even made the police blotter section of the local paper. I get the picture that hes living in his parents basement. An aspiring comedian doesn't own that house... Even in Detroit! CS12 Nailed it...
  10. lol...REALLY? Take his house for selling fake Rolexes? Its DETROIT! Trust me... They have much bigger fish to fry... A complete waste of the tax payer's dollars for sure.
  11. Yes, I will. Don't want to open it myself. Thanks.
  12. Oscar

    IWC Custom Straps

    I have a friend who uses him and really likes the quality of the straps.
  13. Oscar

    IWC Custom Straps

    Please let us know how you go and post a wrist shot. Those straps look great.
  14. Anyone know how much? Stainless steel for for 7 day. Thanks.
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