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  1. I have a 16610 with a 93150 bracelet and 501B end links, due to my stupidity I squished one of the end links and having a hell of a time trying to get it to fit snuggly. Does anyone have any experience with fixing bent end links? Also does anyone know the cost of a genuine 501B from RSC? Also does anyone know if the aftermarket end links on eBay they claim to fit original spring bars fit well against the case? They are under $50 for the pair so I guess I don't lose much by trying but figured I should ask just in case someone has experience with them. I've used pliers and have bent them c
  2. Now that few months have passed, I feel like my next purchase (or the one after that) will most definitely be a Rolex. I need a watch that is durable, and is suited for casual dressing + everyday lives. Rolex definitely fits in this category as well as Panerai and some others. I personally don't like popular watches for some reason - they don't feel unique enough, and I want something different on my wrist. This does not mean I enjoy watches that are like REALLY minor and stuff; it's just that I find watches that do not get its photos uploaded on the forums often more interesting.
  3. Back to the 14060. Shouldn't have parted with it in the first place.
  4. and you didn't think to ask the RSC rep or AD rep or watchmaker who told you this?? Are Rolexs Really This Fragile (GMT Master)/ Is A Warranty Worth The paper Its Written On?
  5. What else is in your collection?
  6. Sounds like you've been lucky. My BP will run at about +7 when fully wound and worn daily. In the 4 or 5 day range of the power reserve everything goes to hell and I start getting +20s or worse. In days 1 and 2 things slow back down and the watch stays a few minutes ahead but at a consistent rate, before finally stopping. This is after a full servicing from an IWC trained service center at my local AD. When placed on a measurement device, the watch shows less than 5 seconds deviation in all positions, but in real life the performance isn't great. Like everyone has said, the 7 day power reser
  7. Hi everyone! Here is my issue. I own a vintage IWC watch with caliber 8541 (automatic - serial #174xxxx) and I have problems with self winding. In fact, if I start wearing the watch after a period of complete inactivity (i.e. the watch is not running) the movements of my arm apparently do not provide it with enough energy to keep running. The watch usually stops after a few minutes, or anyway until I start moving the arm again. Instead if I wind it manually the watch has a long power reserve of several days.. I brought the watch to service (good reputation watch atelier) and, after the i
  8. I had this happen on my strap on my 5001-07 about 2 months after I got it. I emailed IWC about it and was in contact with their concierge and asked if this was normal. They initially wanted me to send my strap in for examination to see if it was faulty. After a few emails back and forth, I sent them pictures of the strap along with my warranty card and serial number and they agreed to send me a new one. I still wore the strap with the rubber edging off since it still works just fine and just kept the one IWC sent me as a spare.
  9. Is it true that Molotok has been closed? Here is the message I get when I try to go there : Уважаемые пользователи! Сайт торговой площадки Molotok и доступ в Мой Молоток закрыты 20 августа 2015 года. Если у вас остались вопросы относительно возврата неиспользованных денежных средств и погашения задолженности по личному счету на Molotok, просим вас написать нам на info@molotok.ru. При составлении обращения просим обязательно указывать свои псевдоним, email адрес, имя и фамилию, зарегистрированные на Molotok. Rough Google translation : Dear users! Site Molotok trading platform and ac
  10. There are a couple, just keep an eye out of course there is postage but some sellers are really cheap, also remember this was sold as non working watch Chris.
  11. Hi everyone. I'm completely new to Russian watches so I'd greatly appreciate any information anyone could give me about my latest order - a Poljot with the 3105 movement. I love how unique and flamboyant so many Russian watches seem to be and I just had to have this one. Is that St George and the dragon? If so, what's that got to do with Russia? From what I've read online it sounds like a reasonably solid movement. I can't wait to see it in the flesh.
  12. Nice. Definitely worth patenting
  13. This inscription is not dedicated to travelers, but for teamsters,. Bus operators for accident-free passing a million km
  14. Vellum print sandwich dial Another vellum print dial Vellum gives very crisp lines and is somewhat translucent. When cutting or trimming the edges are also very crisp. You can get near transparent if treated correctly. It also has the characteristic of the colors looking unsaturated right up til you give it a backing layer, or is glued down to a dial. It's other advantage is that it has a very nice texture that works well with a satin or semi-gloss over coat.
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