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  1. It came with Coke............Pepsi and Black! This watch is great! Easy to use and looks nice as well. I will post some shots soon I'm having issues uploading . The watch has not left my wrist since I've had it.
  2. The new Tudor movement should perform similar to the ETA version. If there are improvements they're probably slight. Value-wise tho, the in-house version would probably have better resale and a higher cost to begin with. Service may be a tad pricier for the in-house version.
  3. ♫ ♫ Torn between two watches, feelin' like fool, I want a nice watch but I also want a "tool"... ♫ ♫
  4. I'm really wondering what watch was used after the Rolex. I thought it was some kind of Omega - I believe I read that here.
  5. So I finally saw a BLNR for the first time in person and now I am smitten by it!!!!! Wowwwwwwww! I went to a Rolex Boutique near Beverly Hills and asked to see this baby and was just amazed by it! Such a stunning and beautiful piece. I was going to get the 114060 ND Sub, but now I am gonna save up a little more and get this one! It looks perfect on my wrist!!! I'm waiting till my birthday in May to get this! P.S. I was wearing my 8500 PO today, so don't mind the Omega bracelet. Haha.
  6. Yeah I guess so mate it's so disheartening though lol.
  7. Looks like you're still not doing it right...for what it's worth I always push the springbar/endlink down towards the caseback side of the watch when swapping bracelet/ straps so even if the springbar escape my grasp it could only scratch the bottom of the lugs, not the outside where it's visible. As to your question, no I probably wouldn't take it to RSC at least not here in Hong Kong...they tend to take too much off and smooth out everything.
  8. To be honest I have not been very impressed with the IWC offerings at SIHH this year. Chiefly because I am not stinking filthy rich and although I don't expect IWC to make "budget" models (in fact i wouldn't want one), it would be nice to see more options <£5k. I mean Rolex have loads, why does every single IWC in-house movement (and some of their bought in ones) need to be well over that mark. Other than that grumble I think the New 8-day manual portugieuser is gorgeous but so expensive really for what it is, bordering on ludicrous.
  9. Thanks for all your comments. This isn't a disaster and will probably be relatively easy to have fixed. It's just a bit of letdown as it brought to mind an article that I had read from Watchtime: "The Big Pilots gigantic crown posed another challenge for the design engineers. They tried to imagine what might happen if this heavyweight timekeeper fell crown-first onto a hard surface or if the crown were to strike against a sharp corner. They wanted to be sure that none of the watchs smaller components would break, even under extreme stress. The massively dimensioned tube (which is soldered to
  10. If you're buying brand new, absolutely not; crystal should be flawless, absent from any scratch. Having said this, the scratch is likely to the AR coating and not the glass. Those scratches to the coating are not rare, depending on how the watch is worn, and they may argue it was OK when it left the store. Worth a try requesting it be replaced.
  11. My take is that IWC makes some beautiful watches, particularly their watches with manufacture movements. That said, they don't seem to be particularly good value for money at their respective price points and you seem to pay a big premium for the IWC name. If one wanted, one could pick up a solid gold Zenith or stainless steel Jaeger LeCoultre with complications for similar money as this IWC. Personally, I also feel the watch is too big for as dressy as it is unless one has huge wrists. It is not that one can't wear a 44mm dressy watch (my Hamilton conversion is this size), but it is la
  12. I just picked up a Portuguese Chrono Classic with black Santoni strap. I did notice the strap started to flake a bit when I was adjusting the sizing. I actually asked someone at my local IWC boutique about this and he said the Santoni straps do wear faster because the color is actually painted on? Opposed to being dyed?
  13. If you search the web you can find find shops in Japan advertising watches for sale, use the google translate function to understand what the site is all about. You get the 8% sales tax off immediately but need to present the invoice to Japan customs when leaving the country. You will get a stamp in your passport that they remove. Remember to take your passport to the shop when buying or you will not get the tax off. Prices are not as good as they were last year. You have to remember that you 'should' declare the watch on arrival back in the UK and pay the VAT and duty. Some good shops
  14. Maybe he's planning to fly to the Rockies, break in to your house and bust up the joint to find your watch and complete the sale... I'd buy-it-now, just to have an exact twin! If it's not EXACTLY like the pictures, then I'd file a claim with the 'bay. But that's just me. I'm kind of a jerk at times...
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