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  1. Try CD Peacock at Old Orchard. PM me for a contact name there.
  2. I can tell you what watch it isn't for - of course, the watch I bought it for - the Mark XVII. :) It's a 20mm bracelet. I'm thinking it's a Mark XVI bracelet, but I'm not 100% sure. Could it be for a Spitfire UTC? I'm crazy enough to possibly keep it and buy the correct watch. Or I'll sell it. Either way I'd want to try to pick up a few extra links because it's currently too short to fit a human wrist. If anyone has any ideas, or a way I could find out definitively, I'd be grateful. Thanks for your time.
  3. quentinp33

    IWC threads slow...

    And IWC sells +-80'000 watches a year, TAG does 750'000 and Rolex about a million watches a year.
  4. I bought brand new from a grey market dealer off of chrono. Cheapest I've ever seen brand new so I went for it. No regrets. Watches I was Contemplating.. SD4000, JLC deep sea alarm, and this ingy. I know they aren't all in the same price bracket.. money wasn't really the issue. Didn't go with the Rolex because I new I would end up selling it like I've done with every other Rolex, vintage and modern. I love their watches.. But I unfortunately can't get passed the stereotypes associated with the brand. Didn't go with the JLC because ironically I didn't want to deal with them when I needed a service. In-house means there's truly only one place you should send your watch.. And you not only wait for some unknown amount of time but you end up paying for it too. Ended going with the ingy because (again) ironically it has a ETA. After flipping 50+ watches I've come to the realization that I actually prefer ETA (depending on the watch of course) due to serviceability. In this situation I knew I wanted the design and I can't afford the $15k version.. I have already owned an IWC before and knew the fit and finish is top notch. I've also always wanted an ingy but they all have been too thick.. Until now. At 40mm and 10mm thick.. How could I resist. Sounded perfect for my 7 inch wrist. I think it's a fair deal for under $5k everyday. I've never seen them for less than $4k new... Ever. Used I have but that's if you even come across one for sale. I waited a few months and they rarely come up for sale. Depreciation is interesting for this one.. I definitely would not buy it for retail.. that goes with most IWC. I'd say it's sellable pre owned all day for $3,700 to $4k just because they rarely come up for sale on the forums. Higher than that you are nearing grey market brand new territory but I have seen them sell for what I paid brand new.. Just depends on who's really interested. Black dial is more expensive than white on both watch forums and grey market. IWC may not be in house but damn do they finish their watches nicely.. Polish, brushed, polished, brushed, polished, brushed... It's all over the watch and that tedious job could only be done by hand and a lot of hard work. The bracelet itself is a work of art. I plan on getting the rubber too. Tudor will not have this level of finish... Not even Rolex can compare to IWC in that department.. If you like being under the radar.. Get the ingy. The majority doesn't really know IWC but when someone notices my watch they go "I really like your watch" and since the people have said that I know personally and know they don't know anything about watches it's a lot more genuine than if I was wearing a Rolex. I look down at it awe all the time. I'm very happy with the decision. It was worth the money.. To me. http://i.imgur.com/qOYwYRp.jpg
  5. Some things to think about, and for consulting the repairer next time. Still if someone has a surplus bracelet it would make things easier!
  6. I'll take a stab at it....and wait for the pros to correct me. 1. Is "зим" the name of the brand or the movement Both. ЗИМ = ZIM = Zavod Imeni Maslennikova = Watch Factory Maslenikov. The factory produced its own movements. 2. Is it really from the late 1970s as described? Probably, but I don't know for sure. 3. What kind of products or cloths can i use to polish the case, bearing in mind i don't know which metal it's made from? It looks to be chromed. You could shine up the chrome that is still there, but never replace the areas where it's lost. You would need to re-chrome the entire case. 4. Is £15 a good price to pay for this kind of watch? I would say that's a good price. In general, these watches aren't that coveted, but this does seem to be a nice example. Value judgments are difficult to make unless you're the one making them! If you think it's worth £15, then it is :) 5. The glass is slanted/at an angle; is this due to it being rubbed down to repair scratches or will i be able to open up the watch and re-sit the glass so it's straight? Hard to say...can you post a photo from the side profile? It may not be firmly secured into the bezel, in which case it would be easy to resit the crystal properly. But if it is deformed, you're probably better off living with it or getting a replacement crystal. Hope that helps!
  7. svtrrts is one my favourite vintage Russian sellers on eBay, just ordered a Zim from him the other day.
  8. Yes Molotok.ru is closed. The announcement was a few months back that they would be closing, the site closed up shop for good last week. I don't know of any other Russian auction sites, certainly there aren't any major ones. That said I would expect someone to fill the vacuum left by molotok's closure at some point. Right now the main buy/sell website is avito, but it's more like craigslist as there is no payment feature, just private listings and phone numbers/emails to contact the seller and work out your own payment/delivery. Of course it's risky as a buyer if you aren't meeting someone in person, since you have to send money with no fraud protection.
  9. Sometimes I do the craziest things. Four months ago, I'd never heard of Russian watches. Now I own a Strela chronograph and a Poljot alarm watch. One watch that has always appealed to me is the classic Sturmanskie chronograph. Rather than buying one, I decided to make a wall clock modelled after one: The clock is about 12" in diameter, the dial about 11". The movement has a continuous sweep second hand, which I'm using as a central second hand instead of a chrono hand, since a wall chrono doesn't make much sense . Because I wanted the sub-dials to do something, they indicate temperature and humidity respectively. And, there's a date window, behind which is a portable travel LCD clock with only its day-of-the-month display showing. The artwork matches photos of a real Sturmanskie watch as closely as possible, although it was all done from scratch in Photoshop (except the Cyrillic writing, which was blown up from a good photo). One liberty I took was with the orientation of the hour numbers. Of course, a Russian chrono wouldn't be a Russian chrono without lousy lume, so I added that too: It's actually pretty good lume, using the top-of-the-line luminous paint sold by Glow Inc. Details to follow when I write it up for my web site.
  10. They have multiple websites run by this company subwave internet, so you might want to search for the rest. Main: http://www.wristwatches.ch/ http://www.poljot1.com/ http://www.vostok.ch/ http://www.aviation-time.com/ http://www.sturmanskie.com/ http://www.poljot.ch/ http://www.vostok-eu.com/ http://www.poljotshop.com/ The most recent: http://www.watchsale.ch/ , the thing that caught my eye is this statement. I have not bought from them but if you do a search for the above websites (especially subwave), you might get more info.
  11. Women watch of Raketa. The Raketa plant extremely seldom let out hours for women (I know no more than five models) on a back cover the mechanism model is engraved. In similar execution there were also quartz Raketa.
  12. Usually I'd think the same, but although the logo is Cyrillic, it's stamped "MADE USSR", so either an unusual combination or a fake dial as I'd expect "сделано в СССР" to go with the Cyrillic logo.
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